Celestial interiors

Buy houses and flats to renovate and resell within 8 -12 weeks the plan is to do 3 in the next 12 months.

Since the age of 11 i have worked to provide for my family so i am not afraid of hard work.For the last 10 years i have been renovation a small house abroad in between working here in the UK in 2014 i was struck with throat cancer but after treatment i am all clear now but due to my age i cant get back into senior management i think the cancer scares them off.So i have gone back to training and i have done city and guilds in plastering.i have just finish renovating a cafe here in Bridgwater.I have a team of building professionals willing to contract to my project.Due to the problems in Ukraine i cant release funds from my property to fund my project hence i am here.

I wish to purchase property and renovate and resale on the low end market to start turning them around within 12 weeks hence i need investment from investors.