How it works

So many great business stories have started on Crowdfunder. Each one began with a flicker of a great idea. Then we came in. Offering rewards for money is the perfect way to test it and gather early support, and well as raise the funds to get it off the ground.

We’ve got £5,000 to giveaway alongside up to 100 hours of business support and mentorship from the seven regional partners that make up the Cavendish Crowd. Get in touch with the partner in your area for more information on tapping in to business support.

The £5,000 will be split into £500 awarded each month to the business who has reached the highest funding total in the first 4 weeks of its campaign.

Cavendish are currently developing a range of products and services for their clients. By providing a crowd funding platform we are offering our clients an alternative and innovative means of accessing finance. Accessing finance is one of the most commonly cited issue faced by small businesses.

Dawn Musgrave, Head of Strategy, Cavendish Enterprise


total Fund


Turn to the Crowd to raise funds, pre-selling your products as rewards to gather support.


£5,000 to distribute each month to projects who’ve achieved the most funding in their first 4 weeks.

Up and running

Each project added is the start of a wonderful new business and joins the thousands of successful ventures.

Do you qualify?

The extra funding is available to those looking to start a business which expects to employ people from its early stages, and where start-up financing will be required to get the venture off the ground. To win £500 extra funding, you’ll need to have a great project and engage your networks. Here’s how you can do that:

Have a unique, innovative and exciting business idea you want to get started.

Tell us your amazing story in your project description, and add a compelling video.

Use your products and services as rewards to charge towards your funding total.

Cost effective

Demonstrate great support for your project with as many pledges of money you can get.

Meet the Cavendish Crowd partners

Cavendish Enterprise is a group of highly respected enterprise agencies from across the country, who have come together working in partnership to deliver nationwide contracts supporting start up and growing businesses. They have successfully delivered government initiatives such as the Growth Vouchers scheme and Ready for Business programme, to thousands of businesses in England. The benefits to these businesses have been both financial and supportive, with qualified advice and training from expert business advisors within each of the eight regions. By providing support and finance, they are proactively helping the economy by creating jobs, and partnerships for the benefit of both the local and wider communities.

Crowdfunding is an increasingly important element in the funding mix for new and small businesses. Combining the small business expertise of the Cavendish Enterprise advisers and the specialist knowledge and skills of Crowdfunder and enthusiasm of new entrepreneurs will open up exciting opportunities. We can’t wait to get started!

Doug Scott, Cavendish Non-executive Director