Catastrophe Cat Cafe

A Social Enterprise project Bury St. Edmunds, Suffolk

Catastrophe Cat Cafe

Help us fund Catastrophe Cat Cafe to rescue ill treated Cats which allows animal lovers to play, cuddle and feed the cats!

Hello cat loving people!

Catastrophe Cat Café aims to help Cats from neglected pasts find their forever home whilst bringing together a community of kind, like-minded animal-loving people who can play, cuddle and feed the Cats with the option of adopting them.  We will be open as a Cafe providing Suffolk's finest organic food and drink to create a safe haven for our customers and cats to engage. 

Why we want to help

There is a huge number of Cats from around the world that have been abused and ill treated, rescue centres are bursting at the seams! Although there are many charities out there helping these animals regain health and confidence the Cat Cafe genre seems to work with many having a waiting list of over 600 willing adopters. 

Here are some examples of the struggles that cats go through;

Before and After treatment and care

Cats found in cages

Cats found dumped in bins

Cats found in the wrong hands

Cats found trapped, scared and frightened

We aim to rescue cats from around the world, help them regain the trust of human beings, increase confidence and live the happy life that they deserve. 

The 'Cat Experience'

We will provide the ultimate 'Cat Experience' with all our cats being rescued cats from across the world! We want to create a relaxing environment for human and cat alike to enjoy each other's company without the responsibility. Visitors will get the opportunity to play with our furry friends, but only on their terms. They pick the toys!

Watch their aerial adventures with our huge range of cat assault courses, climbing frames and rope swings whilst sampling some of Suffolk's finest food and drink locally sourced and organic. Sounds puurfect! 

What is a Cat Cafe?

The idea of Cat Cafe's came from Asia in 1998 where animal lovers, unable to keep pets due to living restrictions, sought cats as a way to interact with animals and form a relaxing companionship in what could be a lonesome life. The success was huge with Japan now having 58 cat cafes before the craze entered the UK in 2013. We are a country of Cat Lovers with the UK having 9 cat cafes with another 4 coming soon including East Anglia's very first in Bury St Edmunds!

Why are we different?

We are not a typical cat cafe with an abundance of cats (some have up to 50) with stressful, constant changes. We aim to provide a safe, loving environment for rescued cats to gain confidence, express themselves and entertain us all with their personalities. 

That said we also wish to provide the ultimate 'Cat Experience' with a range of loving cats from across the world looking for their forever home in a soothing environment providing a large selection of assault courses and ropes for their stimulation. We are working very closely with local animal rescue charities obtaining expert advice and guidance. They are full to capacity with unloved cats and our aim is to help!

We are not for profit and money made will be re-invested in the project. In the long term we aim to engage all the community in our project and to recruit an Apprentice. 

Special Events

We are planning on  having regular events with special offers including Christmas, Easter, Halloween, and Valentine's Day where we will have  themed parties available to the public. 

We will also be offering regular days specialised for adults and children with disabilities. These events will enable adults and children with disabilities to interact with the cats and enjoy a friendly relaxing atmosphere. 

How can you help?

We are asking for kind hearted cat lovers to please kindly buy an experience. We have a range of reasonably priced cat experiences and are looking for people to help us rescue the cats and create our own cat cafe with the money made. The experiences make a great gift ranging from our VIP Opening Party to Entrance, Tea and Cake. Please lend us a hand, be a part of our future!

Our furry friends are waiting to welcome you.....