Carters Wright to Proton Beam Therapy

Please donate so Carter Wright can have Proton Beam Therapy on a brain tumour. The treatment is not available or funded for Carter in the UK

Raising funds for Carter Wright for Proton Beam Therapy on his brain tumour. This treatment is not funded for Carter or available here in the UK , and this means that 3yr old Carter will have to travel abroad to get the much needed treartment. Proton Beam Therapy Funding is available in the UK but funding is not available for Carter. Why can this be?  To get the funding for this treatment then the brain tumour has to be diagnoised as cancerous. This amazing little boy Carter can not have the brain tumour diagnoised as to do this he would have to go through the procedure of having a biopsy done and because the tumour is too near to the nerve that controls Carter's heart,breathing etc the biopsy would be too risky and so the family are left with no diagnosis and this means no funding for the treatment.  Carter  has been through so much since he was born with a life full of hospital visits,tests and hospital stays. Carter  deserves the chance to get the Proton Beam therapy and so we are asking you to please donate . If it be a £1 or £95000 every penny is precious to the fundraising and a step closer to Carter's Wright to treatment.