Carol & Adam Mision to Uganda Rukungiri

Carol & Adam Mision to Uganda Rukungiri

We will be working as part of the Uganda Rukungiri team, & supporting the Chilli Children's Project in the local community.

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This project is using Flexible funding and will receive all pledges made by 5:07pm 9th July 2017

The Main Project

We will be working alongside the Chilli Children partnership to build a physiotherapy

centre for disabled children, Disabled children are often isolated from society with little

educational or social facilities. This centre will help develop both physical and social skills

for the children.

Most days I will be spending about three hours at the project site.

Whether its carrying water, wheel-barrowing, bricklaying, rendering or painting, there will be lots

that I can do.

I will be working alongside a local team of builders, I will also have an opportunity to learn some new

skills and have some fun doing so!

It will also include assisting an orphaned family in a practical way; learning sign

language followed by an afternoon of outdoor games with deaf children; interacting with

disabled children at a life skills clinic.

With any extra money I have I will pledge it back into the country to help, these are some of the things you can help fund while out there:
£15,000 -Builds a classroom
£1,000 -Digs a well
£250 -Fix's a roof so a family can stay dry
£100 -Allows a social worker to help a community
£50 -Pays for a teacher for a month
£25 -Pays for a child to go to school
£20 -Feeds a family for a month
£15 -Pays for a malarial treatment
£5 -Pays for a mosquito net

Should you not be able to Pledge any Money we will be looking to take to other items out with us

as there is a shortage of the following:

Please take note of the following aid which some of the volunteers have told us would be particularly useful at this time!
mosquito nets – good quality shoes aged 1 to 18 years – washable nappies for children and adults – therapeutic and sensory toys – children’s Bibles – toys and games for the special needs unit – wound dressings – children and adult’s clothes - scholastic materials – vaseline – toothbrushes and toothpaste – toys – ladies clothes and new underwear – sanitary items.

Please get in touch if you can help in any way weather it be finacially or by supplying any of the above items..