This project aim is to equip disadvantaged young people with the same careers information that their affluent peers possess.

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CAREERSOSIMPLE is a game theory-led website that delivers COMPLETE, self-explanatory careers information & advice exclusively to disadvantaged young people to make informed career decisions with ease.

Complete information is central to game theory, the science of strategic reasoning; there is complete information if each player is fully aware of the rules of the game and the utility functions of each of the players. Choosing a career is a strategy based on this theory.

It is a known fact; parents have the most influence on young people's career choices. Affluent young people's parents/guardians are fully aware of career rules and the satisfaction you get from top professions, that is, complete careers information that they pass to their offspring, disadvantaged parents don't, the reason why many of their offspring make ill-informed career choices, paramount fact that has been accidentally or deliberately overlooked by institutional student-centred sources.