Care Leavers Football

Care Leavers Football

Voice for Children are wanting to raise funds to help set-up a project which can help improve the lives & opportunities of our Care Leavers

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This project is using Flexible funding and will receive all pledges made by 12:45pm 17th July 2017

Voice for Children Community Interest Company (CiC) is a non profit organisation which works with Local Authorities and organisations to imporve the lives of our most vulnerable young people in society. We offer services such as mentoring where we work with young people on a 1-1 basis to improve their lives.

Cheshire East council have been running a football group which care leavers to give them a hobby but also to improve their emotional well being. Some of our young people are 17, living indpenedently and dont have enough money for extra activities. We are trying to raise funds so we can ensure the group can continue. The group is an improtant part of some of these young peoples lives, they sometimes have no family, no friends and are on there own in their properties. 

The group currently has a minum of 10 young care leavers who attend reguarly every week, some of this group also includes Asylum seekers and this actvity is there only opportunity to enage with the local community. Alot of these young people suffer from mental health issues and playing football helps them to manage this. These young people have been in care and are now care leavers, they have had a difficult start in life. We want to continue the group and want it to expand to help give young people a sense of community. 

We are tryin gto raise funds to pay for all the league fees for a year as due to these young persons circumstances they don't have enough money to play, so the council currently helpto fund this, we also offer transportation to get them to the training sessions and matches. The money shall also go towards kits for all the players, as currently we have donated kits, some of these don't fit and are worn. Our players often turn up in their tracksuits as we currently have no shorts.

The funds for a year for the matches including the games is £500. We have priced the kits as £25 per person which equates to £250. Some of these young people have never left town or been on a holiday, they have been away from family for years and have suffered abuse both physical and mentally, so we are also trying to raise funds to take part in a football tournament against another authority in Devon. We would need roughly £1250, this would cover fees for the tournament, accomodation for the weekend, transport. This would be for 15 people and would also include their meals.

Please help us raise this funding to continue the group which is an only outlet in these young peoples lives, and the only activity they are involved in which makes them feel part of something and puts a smile on there face.

Thank you

Voice for Children (CiC)