Cardigan Swimming Pool & Leisure Complex

Help Cardigan Swimming Pool raise funds to install solar PV, reduce running costs and keep this community facility open.

Who we are

Cardigan Swimming Pool & Leisure Complex is a charitably operated social enterprise that opened in 1977 as a 25m Pool and Sports Hall. Over the years it has expanded to include a Gym, Hydro Therapy Pool and Sauna and offers a range of activities for local schools and people of all ages.

It is now a hub of community life in the area; keeping people fit and connected. 

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Why we need help

It is important to our coastal community to ensure all local children have access to a safe swimming environment to learn to swim. Unfortunately due to increased year on year cuts in funding from traditional support channels (£19,000 combined cuts last year), and increases in utility bills, the Complex has been struggling to make ends meet. We are currently barely breaking even plus the building needs significant maintenance and renovation.

One of our key concerns has been reducing running costs - and our carbon footprint.

We have been fortunate to receive help from Renew Wales who are supporting a Climate Change Action Plan adopted by the Pool Trustees. As part of this, a sustainable energy report provided by the Ynni I Fynnu scheme in 2014 has been re-evaluated.

The report recommended a range of energy efficiency and renewable energy measures such as Solar PV which add up to significant capital investment - more than we can afford! However, implementing these would offer good returns through energy and maintenance cost savings as well as improving our customers' experience.

What we are doing to help ourselves

We have recently re-invigorated our organisation with new Trustees and Management. We now have a strong team focussed on ensuring a future for Cardigan Swimming Pool & Leisure Complex.

To date we have held several fundraising events to help achieve our aims and have benefited from significant volunteer input over the course of the last few months.

This has allowed us to renovate and re-decorate  the changing facilities, as well as some of the office spaces, install new low energy lighting in the badminton courts, and some maintenance work.

All of this has created a fresh groundswell of support and interest in the pool, increased footfall, and made us more determined than ever to keep this facility open for the community.

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The difference your help would make

There is a serious threat to our future if we cannot improve our building or financial situation.

Your support - be it through voting for us or contributing to our crowdfunder - could enable us to undertake these measures, making a massive difference in helping the pool become a sustainable business - as well as significantly reducing our greenhouse gas emissions.

It would also help us to continue to provide a vital community service, improving health and social inclusion in our area. 

Here are what a couple of our regular users have to say:

"I love the Wet n Wild fun days and the life guards are cool!" Sinead, age 11 

"Through attending the fitness classes I've not only lost weight, but I've gained new friends, too." Sian, age 37 

"I've been using the pool for years and always receives a warm welcome. It helps to get me out of the house and stay fit." Richard, age 72 

Please support the Cardigan Pool Solar project and make a big difference to a small community!