Car for my ill brother

Car for my ill  brother

Trying to raise £1500 to be able to purchase a roadworthy car for my brother who has degenerative disc disease.

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I'm trying to raise £1500 to be able to purchase a roadworthy car for my brother who has degenerative disc disease. I try to help him and his partner out where I can financially. The picture is of my brother and his partner taken in happier times.

My brother served 13 years with the royal logistics and has always lived a active lifestyle up to approximately 12months ago when he started to experience pain in his back.

After numerous doctor/ hospital appointments he was diagnosed with degenerative disc disease ( the discs in the spine loose water and begin to collapse putting pressure on the nerves).

This over the first few months accelerated to the point he was prescribed morphine for the pain and had to terminate his employment. He has injections to treat this but these are not working to well.

His partner is also unable to work due to health issues and only just scrape by.

He has owned the same car for the past 10years and due to his back and medication is now unable to drive it.

His partner now drives it to transport him to his appointments and also to pick my disabled nephew up to visit every 2 to 3 weeks but this is now not possible as it is over 40 miles round trip and the car has various warning lights showing on the dash and is no longer trustworthy.

The car has had lots of work done financed by both them and myself but it's as they say "flogging a dead horse", as one thing fixed another goes and once again it can't be trusted.

They don't have the funds for another car or obtain a loan as there income goes on day to day expenditure and it's out of my reach to purchase one for them. All they require is a cheap reliable road worthy car able to fit a wheelchair. Hence the realistic amount I'm trying to raise.

Thank you for reading and please please share this post.