Can't get help

Sos, please read.

As stupid as this sounds I received my last pay check from work a month late as at first they refused to give it to me as I was 'awol' for 3 days due to being at my nans death bed, when I eventually got my wage I spent it on my house hold bits and contributions to my nans headstone basically leaving me with nothing however I was still supposed to get my unemployment money after work had let me go (they had too many people in the call centre it was to no fault of my own) however I didn't know them paying me late would impact my payment. Instead of the £200 I was to initially receive I was given £44 which went on food; this being said, the gas went and then there was no point in even having the food, my friends all insisted they were broke however one lent us a tenner for gas so we could eat but we've run out of food now at this point which is why I've come to this last resort, I know I could go to the food bank but I don't know the process and as far as gas and electric I'm not too sure when they're scheduled to go and I don't really have any other known relatives who may be able to help.