To pay accommodation, food, mobility car & fuel expenses so Sharon can spend 2 weeks at

 Please note that although this Crowdfunding page for Sharon expires on the 18th March, we still have some way to go and we have a Paypal account set up to accept contributions:

We also have a Facebook page and a twitter account if you want to follow our progress:

Facebook: Canine Partner for Sharon

Twitter: @caninepartner4

Thank you!

Sharon is my best friend, she has brittle bones and is severely disabled. Sharon has an opportunity to be partnered with a dog from Canine Partners (Canine Partners) and in May last year went to an assessment day at the Canine Partners centre in Sussex. Canine Partners is a registered charity that transforms the lives of people with disabilities by partnering them with assistance dogs, these dogs offer companionship, security and practical help with everyday household tasks. To see some of the amazing things these dogs do please see our video and look up Canine Partners on Youtube.

The snag is that Canine Partners need Sharon to stay near by them for two weeks to assist with her dogs training and adjustment to her needs. This means paying for two weeks accomodation, food, a mobility vehicle hire and fuel to take Sharon and her driver.

Expenses have been worked out as follows:

Fuel  £377.50

Accomodation x 2 people for 14 days £700

Meals  £114

Mobility vehicle hire  £1,073 (Gowrings Mobility Hire)

TOTAL  £2,262.50. This figure is the bare minimum required and if we raise more it gives wiggle room for unexpected expenses which inevitably arise.




This is Sharon at Canine Partners in May 2015

Article in Guardian











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