Callums music project!!!

Hello everyone my name is callum I am 19 years old and I a from the uk. Today I have come to crowdfunder to

Hello everyone my name is callum I am 19 years old and I am from the uk. Today I have come to crowdfunder for support on my dream project of being able to do a small tour for my fans and release an album I have already had really good feedback on my idea. Recently in my life it hasnt been easy  as well I have had spells of deppresion and I just feel that music is my way out it sets me free from everything and this is why this is so important to me. I have a very supportive family butthey simply do not have the money to fufill my dream as my  mum works  full time to put food on the table for me my brother and my sister and all the money goes on essentials for our home. I work art  time in my local store but I also use all my money to support my family so I think a tour wouldbe the best thing to get me noticed so I can maybe make a living of this. I know £10,000 pounds is alot to ask for but I know there is people out there wiling to help me get to were I need to be and really help me out in general. I have spoke with a manager about doing this small tour and he really believes that it will work out I have over 200,000 views on youtube on my music alone so that says enough in its self. I already have venues that are willing to accept me for the right prices so this is why it is crucial I start pretty soon and hopefully have my album out for christmas coming up. This honestly  means so much to me this is why I am reaching out to you guys to help me along with my journey into the light of music. Anyone who donates I woulld honestly urge  you to email me @ so we can arrange a skype call or even just message so I can thank you personally for your amazing kindness. I hope you enjoyed reading a we bit about this project and I hope to see your email soon for a skype call or a chat.

Once again thank you: Callum