Sports eCommerce website - very promising business

A Business project London, Greater London

Sports eCommerce website - very promising business

Help me set up a brand new kind of sports website. Help David beat Goliath! I'm a small time entrepreneur about to explode, light my fuse.

  • I am working on setting up the business Half Time Winner Limited. We are registered with companies house as a limited company of which I am the director.

The company will act as a seller of a 'product' for sports clubs. The market is huge and potential for growth into Europe and America is there. 1000s of sports club sell the product that will be sold by half time winner and none have a system like what I can offer, but this is the direction this market will go in.

We own 5 domains related to the business which we be our base of activity when we start trading next year.

It will take time to grow this company, but Half Time Winner Limited has the perfect name to become a huge brand and I have the contacts and determination to take it there. My business model also includes some clever plans which will minimise some of our costs.

My asking price sets the value of the business at £100,000. Your investments will help us be as prepared as is possible when we launch next summer. Getting the brand recognised could turn this into a business with a turnover of 6 figures within 5 years.

check us out at and @halftimewinner on Facebook and Twitter.

If you would like to learn more, please email me at

Please share and help us get the word out.

and of course, invest today.

all contributions are appreciated.

Thank you,

Jamie Walmsley

Founder of Half Time Winner Limited