BzzKtt is a beatbox tutorial website and mobile app that is 100% language-free and features top beatboxers.

What is BzzKtt?

BzzKtt is a website and mobile app that teaches beatboxing. Its unique selling point is that it is 100% language-free and you can help make it become a reality!

BzzKtt will contain a massive library of beat patterns and sounds created by some of the world's top beatboxers. With an advanced search facility, patterns and sounds will be described using videos and Beatboxology notation. This means you will be able to find a beat pattern you like, then you can learn the sounds - and if the sounds are complex you can learn the components - all within the app or website.

The website and app will look and feel identical. The website will be free to use and the app will be available for a small fee. Fees will be proportionally distributed among the BzzKtt contributors - enabling app purchasers to directly support beatbox artists.


Beatboxology is the pioneering language-free, iconophonic notation system for beatboxing developed by TyTe. BzzKtt will use Beatboxology.

Is there a project plan?

The domain has been registered, the development technology has been purchased (initially for one year) and the initial User Interface design has been completed. The funding will pay for further licenses, e.g. Apple Developer License, quality server hosting, and the time it will take to create the back-end development, the UI graphics and the video content. The plan will be to release the website and app with an initial set of content, then continuously add content - thus improving the both the site and the app.

Who is TyTe?


TyTe is a pioneer of the beatboxing scene and helped develop HUMANBEATBOX.COM. Not only has he been a judge at the UK, European and World Beatbox Championships, but back in 2001 he created the world's first text, audio and video beatboxing tutorials. In 2010 he developed a phonetic approach to teaching beatboxing under the banner of Beatbox Jam. Despite his videos getting hundreds of thousands of views, he was frustrated that teaching beatboxing was limited to describing sounds and patterns in a specific language. So, using his extensive knowledge of the beatboxing scene and with over 15 years experience in beatboxing and phonetics, TyTe developed Beatboxology, a language-free, iconic method of representing beatboxing sounds. Using Beatboxology and video content, TyTe will develop BzzKtt, a free website and paid-for mobile application that teaches beatboxing.

What's in it for you?

Apart from the kudos of helping make BzzKtt happen, we have some cool rewards for you. Check out the great ways in which you can be rewarded for sponsoring BzzKtt. The target level is high, but then the time and development costs are great. Please dig deep and see if you can help. :)