Buy some art, help me finish my Degree!

Buy some art, help me finish my Degree!

I am putting this campaign out as I am in need of some urgent help towards paying my remaining university fees.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Hello! My name is Gilbert Abel and I'm from Tanzania, currently living and studying  in Kenya. I am putting this campaign out as I am in need of some urgent help towards paying my remaining university fees in order that I can complete the last term of my Degree in social sciences and Economic , At The catholic university of Eastern Africa.  am 80% of the way through this course but am being threatened with having to leave if I cannot pay the remainder of my fees ASAP. So I'm using this as an opportunity to sell some artworks!

So why do I need your help?

I have completed and paid for my 2 years of this 3 year programme and am now two thirds of the way through my second year. With fees now at €2000 a year, it has been a huge struggle finding the money to get this far, whilst also paying rent and surviving in kenya. I spent a couple of years prior to starting the course trying to piece together loans and grants from Trusts and charities, which have helped me a great deal so far, but have also needed to be spent on living costs. I have applied twice for a Career Development Loan and been refused,

I have an outstanding €2000 to pay on my fees for this year so am hoping to raise a portion of this as a start. 
Previously, The catholic university have been more lenient in allowing students to pay late, or set up manageable payment plans. But despite fees and living costs in kenya getting higher and higher - plus work and housing conditions more and more unstable - they have decided to now try and push out students who haven't paid their full fees yet, despite nearly having completed the 3 year course. They made a change to their policy with no notice to the students, and have deactivated my card meaning I can't enter the library, borrow books, etc, until I make a payment that satisfies them. This is a very stressful situation and I'm turning to this platform as a last resort, in the hope that I can carry on and complete my studies.

I feel awful having to post this but I'm running out of options and desperately want to finish this course and get the BA that I've spent this time working towards! Any contribution *at all* will help massively and will be hugely, hugely appreciated! If you don't want my art, I would still appreciate any  donation.