To take Burton Town Brewery to the next level - we need to increase capacity, employ more staff and bring our beer to the masses!!

We are Burton Town....

....our mission is to brew exceptional, award winning and innovative premium cask ales. The route to our innovation will be found in our ability to look at the standard (or historical) and approach it from a slightly different angle.

Just over a century ago, Burton was the undisputed brewing capital of the World. Steeped in brewing history, you can still sense that beer is in the air, it’s in the blood, and more than anything, it’s in the water.

We endeavour to follow the tradition and heritage of Burton upon Trent and develop beers accordingly, we're famous for Pale Ales and thats what we do best!!

What have we achieved so far?

Having met through Round Table a number of years ago, myself, Richard Cully and Steve Haynes decided to set up a new brewery last year, and already we've come so far. We've set up our six barrel brew house in an industrial unit right in the heart of Burton upon Trent and we've already sold our beers all over the UK. You can also come down to the brewery and enjoy one of our beers in our brewery tap, or take home a bottle or two from our brewery shop.

We are a community brewery with a growing membership and regularly host events including brewery tours, live entertainment, tasting sessions, etc. We are starting up a Homebrew Club, where local home brewers can come and trade knowledge and experience, purchase raw materials at trade prices, enter competitions, etc.

The Problem

We set up the brewery on a shoestring budget investing all of our personal savings and relying on the project management expertise and business acumen of each other. We are for ever indebted to our family and friends who have already invested so much time in helping us to achieve what we've got today.

We've got a fantastic facility, but we need to grow fast in order to survive in what is already a crowded marketplace, and to do that we need to appeal to the national market and expand our offsales capacity.

Where will your donations go?

We will purchase two more fermenting vessels, a conditioning tank, ancilliary equipment and a van to enable us to meet the demand we are now facing, which will also open up the following vacancies:

  - Brewery Tap and Shop Manager

  - Sales / Admin Assistant

  - Brewery Operative / Delivery Driver

This will allow us to double our capacity and provide us with the opportunity to increase our customer base. We can then increase distribution the the whole of the UK (via small pack and one-way keg), and also increase off-sales from our brewery shop.

What's in it for you?

As one of our funders you will receive fantastic rewards for showing your support in our brewery. Please take a look at the various pledge packages and the rewards you will receive.

If you would like to pledge, to take Burton Town Brewery to the next level, please choose one from the options on the right. If you have any other ideas for support please contact us at, join us down the tap, or just pop into the brewery.