Burnt beekeeping shed

Help us replace our burnt down beekeeping shed and equipment. We lost a great deal of our equipment in a fire and need to replace it quickly

New stretch target

If we pass our fuding target we will invest the rest of the money towards more equipment for our bees, and give a proportion to our local Chelmsford Beekeepers Division of the BBKA which is a charity. 

Whats happened?

Our bee shed went up in smoke yesterday (13/08/2016). We used it to store lots of our beekeeping equipment in, including spare beesuits, smokers, hive tools, honey supers and frames to name but a small amount. Luckily due to the time of the year some of our equipment was in use so it's not a total loss. Please can you help us replace what we have lost? 

About Wildwing Honey

We have been keeping bees for 4 years and supplying our raw honey locally and nationally. We do this through our own online shop and local shops. We love keeping bees and benefiting the environment. We have big plans and dreams about what we want to do. We had recently started teaching children about bees (all the children's bee suits and  wellies were also lost in the fire). Our honey is soon to be featured in a locally brewed beer and we are always looking at reinventing how the honey from our bees gets used. We have been featured on BBC Esssex radio twice and play an ective part on our local divisional beekeeping comittee training new beekeepers, directing the reach of the division and promotinig local honey and beekeeping throughout Chelmsford.

What exactly did we lose?

Here is a comprehensive list of the things we have lost

3 jumbo rapid feeders
2 contact feeders
One travelling nucleus
2 Wood pecker covers
2 cedar wood honey supers
20 super frames with foundation
10 super frames with drawn comb
3 plastic storage boxes
4 trays of apiguard
2 hive tools
2 large size smokers
1 medium bee suit with round veil
2 large beesuits with hoop veil
2 pairs of large wellington boots
3 wooden eeks
2 triangular rhombus escapes
2 plastic gravel trays
2 queen marking pens
1 queen cage
1 queen marking plunger
1 timber shed