Buddha Sista Hair Launch Project 2017

Buddha Sista Hair Launch Project 2017

I wish to raise enough funds to launch my new black-owned natural hair company specialising in curly and kinky hair.

We did it!

On 22nd Jun 2017 we successfully raised £20 with 1 supporter in 42 days

First things first...

Buddha Sista Afro/Kinky Hair & Wig Services 

aims to empower females with type 4 and type 3 hair textures; especially those from African & Caribbean ethnicities. Buddha Sista allows females to embrace there natural hair texture whilst creating quick, versitle, stylish, longlasting looks; that not only protect the natural afro, kinks and curls,but also resembles their own natural standard of beauty. In addition, Buddha Sista aims to help fellow sistas move on from chemical straightning, weaves, glue-ins and other various hair destroying techniques;. and encourages the acceptnce of a standard of beauty that already naturally belongs to us all.

“Remove the kinks from your mind, not your hair”

-Marcus Garvey

My main product are handmade crochet wigs. 

Buddha Sista Hair Services, specialise in #protective #braiding easy on#hairedges
Buddha Sista Wigs are a protective way of maintaining type 3 & 4 hair textures. The wig systems are created using an elastic cap for ultimate comfort, allowing the wigs to fit any head shape.
Check out the wig range @ www.buddhasista.wixsite.com/buddhasistahair or DM for enquiries. Wigs start at £30, custom options are available.

Like the page on Facebook @BuddhaSistaHair or follow the page on insta @buddha_sista_hair #queendom
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My aim to to be one of the few black owned afro kinky hair business here in the UK. your donations will go towards the launch of the company. Every little helps so please donate whatever you can. Its imporatnt we continue to support start ups and small busniess' especially within the african/carribean communities. 

The natural hair movement has highlighted the need for the black hair and beauty industry to be owned and dominanted by black people them selves. This is my contribution to the worldwide movement so I hope you can help make my dream come true!!

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