BU Leisure Recruitment

BU Leisure Recruitment

To expand BU Leisure Recruitment to an operating office with a number of staff.

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Dear investor,

BU Leisure is looking to raise investing funds in which will mean the company can expand at a faster
rate while maintaining its family run image and ethics.

The £120,000 that we are looking to raise will cover the cost of opening an office location with 5 to 6
consultants. With this comes the capability to obtain a monthly turnover of 40 to 50k per month as a
minimum within the first 3 to 4 months of operating. With overheads, very low in recruitment as all
is required is designated job boards for each consultant, an internet connection and phone line to
operate, with this an average consultant can bill (turn over) 8 to 10k in recruitment fees every
month with some consultant in the 15 to 20k region. This is what we are looking to jump to as a
business as my specialism lays in business development, recruitment division building and consultant

As I have already got the business up and running we are already working with some large names like QHotels, Principal Hotels, The Pig Chain, Crown Plaza, The Aviator by Tag and more with very strong relationships built and maintained.

BU Leisure will over time become a brand name due to its operating ethics in the industry and over
time operate with a number offices and staff and maybe within another 2 or 3 sectors but this is the
chance to be a part of that now.

Kind regards,

Benjamin Urquhart