Broke Bessy - Help fund a MSc to become a P.A.

Hi I'm Bessy (also known as Amanda ). I'm suppose to be starting uni in September to become a Physician Associate but I have a funding issue

Broke Bessy

Hi I'm Bessy (also known as Amanda or Bess for short) and I really didn't want to do this but I literally have no other choice because I'm a broke a** b****.

In September I'm due to start a two-year masters in Physician Associates studies (woohoo) after which I will be a physician associate which in layman's terms is like a baby doctor. (

I have been trying to get into medicine for ages after I finish my undergraduate degree.

But if you have been planning on studying this why do you need money (I hear you cry)?

Well my plan was to get a Career Development Loan but it got declined :-(. Even though I do work its only part time as I was ill but now I’m much better. Plus it’s only enough to keep me Afloat as I did rack up a large debt while being an undergrad student. And as my course is seriously intense (48 weeks per year studying plus extra for clinical placements) I will have to give up my job as well.

Isn't there anybody you can ask?

Trust me I've tried. The people who want to help can't and the people who can help won't plus I've been applying for loads of grants and scholarships but so far I've got nothing.

So how are you ill?

Well I suffer from type 1 diabetes and before you start saying to get my meatball self on a diet and it will go- hush your noise! firstly type 1 diabetes is an autoimmune disease where the body's immune system attacks that insulin secreting cells so I have to take insulin injections around 5 times a day. I also suffer from lupus (SLE) but luckily mine is not that bad and has been in recession for many years. Last but not least I suffer from an inflammation disorder from which I take a cytotoxic drug and I'm a lot better (yay).

So how much do I need?

Well honestly I need 10K (yes, I said it, I know it's a lot of money) to get me through both years I'm honestly not expecting to get that much but anything I get will help me greatly. If I get more, than that will be great too. if I get 20K (lol who am I kidding) it will pay for my accommodation and if I get 30 k (seriously Alice needs to come back from Wonderland) I'll be totally debt free but that's just ridiculous and I wouldn't expect that much anyway.

I have no idea what people want as a thank you so I left it as messages but if you have something in mind please let me know and I'll happily accommodate (within reason!)

Thank you for taking the time to read this and I hope you're able to help, if you do have any questions please feel free to contact me also if you know anybody that can help please pass it along to them. 

Thanks, lots of love, Bessy xx