Bringing the Community Together

Bringing the Community Together

The project aim is to bring the community together and help teach them life skills to improve their daily lives.


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Improving employments  outcomes among disadvantaged adults and children in notoriously difficult situations,that is why people join our group.People without post-secondary education or vocational credentials faces an uphill battle in the competition for jobs.They may be originally from different parts of the world where English is not their first language.Employment and training initiatives has  being set up to support persons to increase their self-confidence, skills in reading,  IT training, sewing lessons and eventually obtain and retain employments, escaping poverty for good in Wolverhampton.We propose to address this issue through intensive skills program for up to 30 or more persons to escape from social exclusion(identified probabilities).They would prepare for,obtain and maintain employment they involved in,although they may risk of becoming involved in anti-social behaviour or gang activity and including those recovering from substance misuse problems that may also be ex-offenders,which also incorporate case management service.