Bringing Ethics Back to the High Street!

Eco-friendly homeware, fair trade gifts and a free space for local artists. We're changing the face of retail and we need your help.

At Pretty Charming we believe that style and ethics need not be exclusive to one another and that it is possible to find beautiful, affordable style that is also sustainable and traded fairly. 

We also believe that business owners have a responsibility, not only to their customers, staff and suppliers, but also to their local community. With this in mind, we have decided to get out there into our local high street to provide people with the opportunity to shop in a place which provides them with the peace of mind that everything they purchase has been ethically sourced. We want to show how retail can be a force for good.

Some of the ideas we will be implementing are...

  • An area of the shop donated to local artists and makers in order to provide them with a free retail platform
  • We already donate £1 from every website donation to charity and we intend to continue this in store.
  • We will be providing plenty of information about the products we sell and the ethical issues surrounding them so that customers can make an informed purchase.
  • As we are looking, eventually, to turn the business into a social enterprise this will mean the setting up of a charitable trust to provide even more support to those in need.

About us

Pretty Charming is run by me, Cheryl. I have always had a passion for retail and have over 10 years experience in the industry. After spending so much of my career in large corporations, however, I grew tired of the money-centric business models which put profits over staff and customer needs. I have always believed that if you look after the people in your business the profits will come as a result. I have no desire to be rich, my ambition is to create a sustainable, eco-friendly business with amazing people and beautiful design at it's core.

Why we need you

We have found our shop, it's a great space right on Banbury High Street and we move in in May. We estimate the start up costs to be around £5000.

We have a small amount of stock already and some money put aside but we need more so I am looking to raise £3000 from you lovely people in exchange for some generous rewards...

£10 - Your name on our thank you board, a £1 charitable donation plus one entry into a prize draw to win a £100 voucher.

£20 - Your name on our thank you board, a £1 charitable donation and 2 entries into our prize draw.

£50 - Your name on our thank you board, a £1 charitable donation, a £10 voucher and 3 entries into our prize draw.

£100 - Your name on our thank you board, a £1 charitable donation, a £25 voucher and 4 entries into our prize draw.

£200 x5 - Your name on our thank you board, a £5 charitable donation, 20% off for life and 5 entries into our prize draw.

£200 (Corporate) x 10 - Your company logo on our thank you board, an advert on our thank you page on the Pretty Charming website, 5 thank you tweets spread over a month, a £5 charitable donation and 5 draw entries.

Spread the Word!

Even if you can't pledge you can still support the project by spreading the word. 

  • Share us on social media.
  • Tell local business owners about our generous corporate option.
  • Let local artists and craftspeople know about our free space.

And don't forget to pop in and say hello when we open in May! :)