Bring Daddy home

Falsely accused father sent to prison. Miscarriage of Justice

My fiance, Mark, is currently serving a 6 year sentence for a crime he did not commit. Before we he was in a relationship for 7 years, his previous partner (X) began an affair with his best friend. In October 2013 she went to a hotel with him and Mark found out, told her he knew and she came home. The next day she told the police that he had been raping her in his sleep throughout the entire relationship. She then went back to the police and said this was a lie and she had been bullied into making the statement by a police officer, she then made an official complaint against the officer. Ten months later Mark tried to get contact to see his son through a solicitor (as she was not responding to his requests to see him). 2 days later she went back to the police to say it was true after all.
She says he was controlling and wouldn't let her see her friends or learn to drive, but her hand written diary says he was teaching her to drive and telling her to book her test. When she fell pregnant she said they had not had sex in over a year so she didn't know how she had become pregnant however her diary said she was happier than ever with Mark and was trying for a baby. She also went to the doctors asking for IVF and told him they were trying to conceive,this is on her medical records.
The police did not release text message evidence between Mark and X that could have changed the jury's mind so we are fighting for an appeal but we have a 6 month old son, no savings and I only have basic maternity pay as income. Mark is missing his baby growing up and I am suffering from postnatal depression trying to cope with all of this. We desperately need to raise money for legal representation.