Bright Light Auctions

BRIGHT LIGHT AUCTIONS Help me get my business to where it needs to be !


Bright Light Auctions is my brain child here's what it is and why it is.

My name is Paul Holdsworth i am 35 and live in Halifax, West Yorkshire. I have been a carerer for the last 10 years to my beutiful daughter whos has had 2 seperate cancers in 10 years in this time I have dremt of starting my own business and now thanks to the amazing job the NHS has done she has kicked cancers 'BUTT' now she is in full time education and doing well she has as normal a life as any child (THANK YOU NHS).

This now enables me to live my dream and own my own business which is Bright Light Auctions.

In a nutshell its an acution house for unwanted or secondhand furniture we take items from Facebook, Gumtree & Freecycle and put them in our live auctions where people come and bid on items such as a sofa 99% of our items start with no reserve and sell for around £10 - £20 this has been running now for 3 weeks and our first auction is on the 14/09/16 in Halifax. 

we have  alot of interest and lots of items to sell the problem is the van I bought for the business has died now im stuck because I havent worked in 10 years I cant get credit and because I havent worked but have lived in hospital for the last 10 years on  and off I dont have the savings im telling you about my history not for the sympathy vote but because its the truth and I think its somthing you should know.

So the money is for me to buy a van for around 1500 and the 500 to pay the insurance so the cost of it comes down to a manageable level month to month.

This is the group link on Facebook so you can see that im a real person