Brent Punjabi Association

Brent Punjabi Association

Provide a venue where Punjabi-speaking elders get together and stave off isolation and loneliness; & stay fit and healthy through activity.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Our main aims are to:

  • provide a venue in which members of the Punjabi-speaking community can get together, which helps them stave off isolation and loneliness.
  • help members stay fit & healthy by providing a range of gentle exercises
  • improve the overall well-being & quality of life of everyone who attends the group

Our group meeting takes place every Tuesday from 11am to 3pm, in a (well appointed & excellent value for money) local Church Hall at the centre of Wembley's Punjabi-speaking community. It provides an occasion for getting out and about, socialising with other elder people, trying out new activities, and keeping fit and active. We employ tutors and instructors to deliver a range of activities including Yoga,  Dance, Exercise, Arts, Community-based music and more depending on what the group asks for.

Every meeting is finished with a good quality hot lunch, utilising the cooking skills and experience of the people in our group to make a variety of food that everyone can sit down together and enjoy. Our group is designed to be as comfortable and as welcoming as possible, in order that individuals who may suffer from a lack of confidence or self-esteem feel able to attend the group, and come back on a regular basis.

In addition to providing a space for our beneficiaries to get together, we also take the opportunity that the meetings provide to promote healthy living and give general support & advice on a day-to-day issues that our members may be facing - lack of things to do, social welfare, financial issues etc. We will also promote co-operation and mutual support on issues facing g the local issues facing the local community in general. By doing all of this, we hope to improve the overall well-being of everybody who attends our group, giving them a social occasion to enjoy, opportunities to make new friends, and support them on any pressing issues in their lives.