New Boutique Hotel

New Boutique Hotel

We need help to create a ground floor room in our hotel suitable for disabled and wheelchairs.

Unfortunately this project was not successful

On 4th Feb 2016 our project closed

 We have been refurbishing a lovely large Georgian Terrace on Weymouth's seafront - which had been empty for years and was left to rack and ruin -  to create a new Boutique Hotel - and have almost finished.  We have spent our life's savings on it but have one large room left to do whcih, as it is on the ground floor, we would like to make into a large family room suitable for disabled and wheelchair friendly, as there is VERY little on offer like this in Weymouth and we have had many requests for wheelchair friendly accommodation.  This would also include a new ensuite bathroom too with all the necessary fitments and would complete the entire refurb.  

We opened before we finished and have just completed our first year of trading, which was better than predicted.  But we would like to finish the whole refurb for the next season starting in April to be able to offer a room for disabled (I had a brother with MS for 20 years, in a wheelchair and know just how difficult it is to find nice places suitable).  As we are a new start up, the bank doesn't want to know. The building is leased to us from Weymouth Council on a new 60 year lease, so we don't actually own it, but intend to stay here as long as possible as its something we've wanted to do for many years now.