BOPH Bird Of Prey Hospital

A Wise Old Owl Sat on an Oak... The more he saw the more he choked!

As a society we spend more on our pets than we do on ourselves!  

Yet living among us are a spectacular array of wonderful wildlife which includes Raptors, our wild Birds Of Prey in the form of Owls, Falcons, Hawks and Eagles.  Sightings are often brief and sillhouetted which is no surprise when they have evolved to stay clear of Humans, their strongest and most feared predator.

We have become solemnly used to seeing the hundreds of dead animals and birds that litter our busy roads as our growing human population is outweighing the space for wildlife.  

Yet each year, we see thousands of birds fail, through human intervention, they fall foul of cars, chemicals, development and intensive farming. Conflict of understanding and belief does more harm than good and land management is a challenging yet destructive testament in the trend of declining species. 

This intricate web was here before us and needs consideration and care before the stable door has closed on too many declining species that will never return.

BOPH is a project run by volunteers, 100% non profit, supporting Barn Owls and Little Owls with nest boxes and providing hospital care for wild Birds Of Prey. We are already doing it, but want to do it even better!