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 The Booster Coop! I'm hoping to have this smart & presentable concept available to all Cafes, Bars & Restaurants. £500 fund target now.

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 Welcome to the Booster Coop!

Have you ever found yourself with a low battery on your mobile or tablet whilst out and about. You hear that annoying "low battery" sound, your sitting in a cafe,bar or restaurant, but with no way of charging you phone/tablet? You also think to yourself "should i ask staff if they have a charger", good idea? but then that leaves your device open to theft or damage...and then...your eye catches the "booster Coop" sign! Don't know what it is?...then i'll explain.

The Booster Coop is a whole new concept to charge your mobile/tablet device whilst your out and about in either a bar,cafe or restaurant. This secure box houses eight individual compartments or "coops". Two tablet "coops" and Six Mobile "coops", each with its individual lock & key. Inside each coop is a charger cable attached to a UK mains charge device. When a customer requires the use of the Booster Coop the establishment will ask for the disclaimer to be completed. A fee is then made to the establishment (fee at establishments discretion) and the customer is then given the key and reciept. The Bar, Cafe or Resataurant will pay for the booster coop and can have the booster coop made in a variey of wood choices to suit there needs. Here are some examples:



The Benifits:

  • Safe & Secure Lockable Coops
  • Reasonably sized w405 h400 d245 (mm)
  • Variety of wood choices
  • Low running costs (average charging cost on smart phone 80p a year!)
  • Free Standing 
  • Profitable ( eg: £1 fee x 16 devices daily =£112 a week or £440 a month)
  • "Plug & Play"

The image is my attempt of a protoype to give a brief idea as to what it will look like. Once all the locks and wood finished in one of the above choices it will look smart, neat and presentable.  The funding will go towards completion of the prototype and marketing the product. Thank you for taking time to look at my buisness concept.

Kind Regard