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About this project Welcome to our pledge! Today we are introducing a brand new, unique beverage which hasn’t been brought to the market bef

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About this project

Welcome to our pledge! Today we are introducing a brand new, unique beverage which hasn’t been brought to the market before! Continue reading to find out more about our flavour gushing beverage which will for sure flush your thirst! We are young university medical students whom have a passion for creating an unforgettable beverage. We have expertise in distribution and wholesale; this includes contact with retailers, wholesalers and cash and carries. We have run multiple small businesses in the past in different sectors including; modelling agencies, charities, wholesale and distribution, market stalls and tutoring services. This resulted in us being acknowledged by companies and the media. Our future goal is to expand this business and to help those in need; we want to be a supporting charity based business. We strongly believe in leaving a positive imprint in life. This product is a scientifically engineered, fructose based beverage. Which has an exclusive twist our beverage includes edible flavour filled spheres. When consumed these are engineered to dissolve (this eliminates choking hazards). The first 6 standard flavours we are looking to manufacture are as follows: • Grape • Mango • Strawberry • Orange • Apple • Blue bubble-gum However we will be looking at expanding more flavours which will include double combo flavours and other various flavours. Our beverage will be presented in an exceptional transparent (HDPE) plastic can of 330ml. This will be packaged in 24cans per case (cardboard cases). So what we’ve done so far? We have done sourcing, designing and plenty of research! We have had discussions with future customers and manufactures. We have come up with a successful business plan considering all the risks and challenges which we could face. We are hoping that this beverage is completed and that the distribution has started to the shops within 12-14 months after receiving the funding.

Having a kick start to this business will really help us and support us to get this drink manufactured. This money will also go towards the production costs of the beverage!

Risks and challenges

Due to the manufacturers or customs quarantine the product could be at risk of the product not being delivered on time. we will try our best to avoid this by pre-planning and taking this risk into consideration hence giving extra time for it to be manufactured.

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