Blyth Valley Green Party - 2015 Campaign

Blyth Valley Green Party needs your help to raise funds to support our 2015 General Election Campaign.

We did it!

On 16th Apr 2015 we successfully raised £315 of £250 target with 12 supporters in 21 days

New stretch target

Thank you to everyone who has donated so far.  Any overfunding will be used for additional leaflets and campaign materials to help us reach more people with our message. 

Project aim

Blyth Valley Green Party needs your help to raise funds to support our 2015 General Election Campaign.

About the project

We are raising money to stand a Green Party Candidate in Blyth Valley constituency.

The Green Party does not accept financial backing from large corporations or investors.  You, our supporters, are therefore invaluable in helping us raise funds and spread the word about our campaign.

Any funds raised will be used to fund leaflets, campaign materials and other costs to give the people of Blyth Valley the chance for an alternative vote.

Standing in an election costs £500 per candidate. This cost has been covered by the Green Party but we urgently need funds to get our message to voters before Election Day.

£250 will allow us to send every voter in Blyth Valley a leaflet which tells them who we are and that the Green Party will:

- Keep our public NHS - taking back our health service and keeping it free at point of use- Stop Fracking in Northumberland and across the UK- End Austerity and restore the public sector, creating over a million jobs- Close tax loopholes and introduce a Robin Hood Tax on the banks.- Halt the Underground Coal Gasification off the Northumberland Coast and across the UK.- Increase the minimum wage to £10 an hour by 2020 and abolish exploitative Zero hours contracts- Scrap University Tuition FeesOver 26%* of voters in Blyth valley would vote green based on policies alone - this is why it is critical that we get our policies and message in front of as many people as possible.

[source as at 24th March 2015]

We also need our supporters to help us in spreading the message across our constituency. Please join us on social media and help spread the message You can help us on Facebook by joining and liking our page here Blyth Valley Green Party Facebook Page 

And on twitter @blythvalleygp or click here Blyth Valley Green Party on Twitter

Every pound you can give will make a difference, helping to overcome the bias in political fund raising, and help improve choice and democracy.

Thank you for you help and support.The Small printPlease ensure you are on the electoral register - this is a requirement of donating to a political party. And you'll need to be on it to vote next year - register here if you're not. Pledging on with PayPal or Direct Debit is secure and easyAny over funding will be used for additional leaflets, posters and campaign materials

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