What’s Your Idea? £1k Winners: Startups

Back in February, we kicked off What’s Your Idea? in partnership with GoDaddy; offering the most innovative and impactful ideas of 2018 the opportunity to win £1,000 towards a crowdfunding project. We’re pleased to announce that the winners are now live and crowdfunding to make their great ideas happen! Keep up to date with all of our What’s Your Idea? winners here.

Running over six different days – each with its own theme – there was plenty of opportunity to get involved and we were totally bowled over by the 2,000+ incredible applications that we received throughout the competition. The decision process was not taken lightly as we faced the tough task of whittling it down to the winning ideas, but we think that all of the projects to receive £1k in pledges and prizes are pretty special and hope that you enjoy supporting them as much as we do.

After announcing the winners for each category, each project involved went through a period of coaching from the Crowdfunder team to get them ready to go live and now, in order to unlock the £1,000 What’s Your Idea? prize from their supporting partner, each project must now raise at least another £1,000 from the Crowd through crowdfunding.

Ed Maughan from Square, supporting partner of the Startups category, said, “At Square, we’re all about helping small businesses to start, run and grow, so we were very excited at the opportunity to partner with Crowdfunder on this startups campaign. We were blown away by the quality of the entries across the board, and while we could only pledge towards ten, we’re looking forward to watching the progress of all the amazing ideas submitted.”

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Put your hands together for our Startups winners!






I See Sea • Crowdfunder Project

I See Sea launched The Collection at the end of 2017; a range of enamel pins and embroidered patches that aim to raise awareness and support for mental health issues. With your support, they will be able to launch their new range and continue to promote conversation around mental health. Let’s spread the word.

“After being encouraged by friends to enter the What’s Your Idea? competition, I am hugely grateful that my idea was chosen and I’m excited to get to work with the Crowdfunder team. The £1,000 win is going to really help me to promote the message of my collection further than I would have been able to on my own. With the help of Crowdfunder and Square, I will now be able to get little badges of honour to more people, and start some more important conversations about mental health with members of my generation.”






Doncaster Dry Gin • Crowdfunder Project

Doncaster Dry Gin (DDG) is a limited-batch, craft-gin micro-distillery, using traditional distilling methods and copper alembic stills. They need your support to help create their micro-distillery and turn this dream into a reality. Your support will also enable the purchase of base materials, products & equipment, compliance with HMIC, distillation of prototype batch distills leading to a refined finished product, DDG branding & marketing – to name but a few.






DeskMate • Crowdfunder Project

DeskMate’s mission is to improve the way that people work. Their product is affordable, portable, simple and best of all, it makes working fun. They are crowdfunding to increase awareness on their project ‘Standing Desks For Schools’ and for expansion in Europe!

“The £1k win is going to allow us to prototype and build a smaller version of our standing desk for kids in schools. We want to help younger people get more active and the classroom is where it starts. I think the headline from DeskMate is that we want to make a contribution to younger people’s lives as well as making a successful business. We want to build awareness of how standing desks actually benefit the end user and, most importantly, generate some momentum to the project that we want to do with schools. As part of our crowdfunding, we are going to allow people to pick a school of their choice to get up to 20 desks made for them at near enough cost price. We want to generate a real buzz from this!”






Graystone Action Academy • Crowdfunder Project

Inspired by the world’s leading action sports brands and destinations, Graystone Action Sports Academy Manchester will be a 35,000 sq. ft. indoor action sports paradise where riders can realise their freestyle dreams. Support them and help riders of all ages and abilities to supercharge their skills.






Secret Sausage Stall • Crowdfunder Project

Secret Sausage Shop is going on the road with Secret Sausage Stall(s) to share the secret of their top quality 100% pork shoulder sausages.

“For such a small business £1,000 means so much. This is the first external assistance the business has ever received as other traditional methods are not there to support small new businesses such as ours. I hope that by seeing our project funded in such a way provides inspiration to other businesses to try crowdfunding and alternative methods of financing.”





BrewBitz • Crowdfunder Project

BeerCraft of Bath opened its doors on 3rd August 2017 and we have been met with an overwhelming display of support from the local community and tourists. They now want to create a modern, funky room to relax and enjoy craft beers, as well as tasting evenings, meet the brewer events & brewing demos.






Tinkture Gin • Crowdfunder Project

Tinkture launched their company in September 2017 with their first product, Rose Gin. By the end of November, they had already completely sold out! They are now looking to grow and want you to get on board.

“It has been such a great experience taking part in this Crowdfunder competition and of course winning the Startup category. The team at Crowdfunder and the way the whole website is set up has made the entire process of getting our campaign together surprisingly straightforward, enjoyable and painless. While it was great to receive the £1,000 prize – a contribution like this always helps – the real prize was the extra motivation it gave us to move our project forward. Without the Crowdfunder deadline, we would have struggled to get everything together. In day to day life, there are always distractions – and this really galvanised our resolve to focus on what needed to be done. By taking part in this competition, we are hoping to reach a much wider audience than our existing database – and also share our story with as many people as possible. We can’t wait for the campaign to kick off and the pledges to start coming in… we really don’t know what will happen – but we do know that it’s all very exciting – thank you for your support and this opportunity – it has been incredibly appreciated!”





Tinkebu • Crowdfunder Project

Tinkebu create handcrafted, sustainable wooden toys and kids’ furniture. Their contemporary designs are inspired by their Cornish home; lovingly (and robustly) handmade, to be passed down from generation to generation. They are now crowdfunding to turn their start-up idea into a reality and plant some trees in the process; for every toy bought means that they plant a tree through their partner charity One Tree Planted.

“Being a What’s Your Idea? winner gives me real confidence that others think it’s a good idea! Secondly, it will really help me accelerate my plans and finally it gives me a kick up the arse to get on with them! As well as the investment, which will help me to take the next step, I hope that the Crowdfunder project will give me a good platform to reach more people, test my idea with them and showcase my products. It also gives people the opportunity to pick up some of our earliest products or create their own slice of Tinkebu history. Another positive is that for every product sold, we plant a tree through our partner charity One Tree Planted.”






Love and Honor • Crowdfunder Project

Founded on the kitchen table and tested by their family lifestyle, Love & Honor kids are always ready to go outside and play. Making stylish, sustainable clothes and swimwear for people aged between 0 and 8, Love & Honor are doing things differently. They refuse to get sucked into the seasonality of fashion and the associated wastage, with their cotton basics being organic and fair trade and swimwear UPF50+ and made of regenerated fishing nets.

“We’re thrilled to have won the Startups pledge from Square. The £1,000 pledge will help to produce our limited edition high summer collection, which in turn will mean more sales, ultimately helping us to offer employment in our new local area of Cornwall.”


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