What’s Your Idea? £1k Winners: Royal Wedding

Back in February, we kicked off What’s Your Idea? in partnership with GoDaddy; offering the most innovative and impactful ideas of 2018 the opportunity to win £1,000 towards a crowdfunding project. We’re pleased to announce that the winners are now live and crowdfunding to make their great ideas happen! Keep up to date with all of our What’s Your Idea? winners here.

Running over six different days – each with its own theme – there was plenty of opportunity to get involved and we were totally bowled over by the 2,000+ incredible applications that we received throughout the competition. The decision process was not taken lightly as we faced the tough task of whittling it down to the winning ideas, but we think that all of the projects to receive £1k in pledges and prizes are pretty special and hope that you enjoy supporting them as much as we do.

After announcing the winners for each category, each project involved went through a period of coaching from the Crowdfunder team to get them ready to go live and now, in order to unlock the £1,000 What’s Your Idea? prize from their supporting partner, each project must now raise at least another £1,000 from the Crowd through crowdfunding.

Kate Cox, VP CMO GoDaddy EMEA, supporting partner of the Royal Wedding category, said, “I’m delighted that GoDaddy have partnered with Crowdfunder to find Britain’s best ideas and help turn them into a reality. Accelerated by the vast opportunities afforded to those who have a domain name and website, entrepreneurs are showcasing their ideas across the world. GoDaddy support millions of plucky entrepreneurs and side hustlers in the UK to develop their businesses online, and we are really excited to help celebrate these new ideas with Crowdfunder.”

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Put your hands together for our Royal Wedding winners!



Four Kings Royal Wedding Beer Festival • Crowdfunder Project

This brewery is looking to create brand awareness by promoting their Windsor Ale at the Four Kings Brewery Royal Wedding Beer Festival.

“We have many projects in the pipeline and receiving the £1,000 prize funding will help us to create a specialist beer, “Windsor Ale”, for our Royal Wedding themed Beer Festival. This will really help to push our brand to a wider audience and as a small business, this is a real boon.”



Wedding Party for Older People • Crowdfunder Project

The 10,000 Hours Foundation connects music lovers to voluntary work supporting local communities. They want to throw a party for elderly people in the local community to celebrate the Royal Wedding and make sure that no one is left at home alone on the special day.



Royal Wedding Party Packs • Crowdfunder Project

Royally Cutout are offering party packs and full size Royal Family cardboard cutouts that promise to bring the true Royal Wedding experience to your house this May.

“Without the support of @GoDaddyUK in the What’s Your Idea? competition, I wouldn’t have the confidence to be doing this. Crowdfunder is the perfect platform for launching an idea and I hope to use crowdfunding to prove or disprove that my idea is a good one by getting real customers to support my idea before I put all the time and effort into launching a business. I’m really excited and would totally recommend Crowdfunder as a way to do this.”



The Great Big Green Wedding Party • Crowdfunder Project

Freegle want to inspire everyone celebrating the Royal Wedding to be as sustainable as possible and get more people using and supporting their reuse network. Freegle enables millions of people in the UK to give away and find for free unwanted things nearby to them – keeping hundreds of tonnes of useful goods in circulation every month instead of going in the bin.

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