What’s Your Idea? £1k Winners: Food + Drink

Back in February, we kicked off What’s Your Idea? in partnership with GoDaddy; offering the most innovative and impactful ideas of 2018 the opportunity to win £1,000 towards a crowdfunding project. We’re pleased to announce that the winners are now live and crowdfunding to make their great ideas happen! Keep up to date with all of our What’s Your Idea? winners here.

Running over six different days – each with its own theme – there was plenty of opportunity to get involved and we were totally bowled over by the 2,000+ incredible applications that we received throughout the competition. The decision process was not taken lightly as we faced the tough task of whittling it down to the winning ideas, but we think that all of the projects to receive £1k in pledges and prizes are pretty special and hope that you enjoy supporting them as much as we do.

After announcing the winners for each category, each project involved went through a period of coaching from the Crowdfunder team to get them ready to go live and now, in order to unlock the £1,000 What’s Your Idea? prize from their supporting partner, each project must now raise at least another £1,000 from the Crowd through crowdfunding.

Jonathan Keeling from Crowdcube, supporting partner of the Food + Drink category, said, “It was great to see such high quality ideas from all of the entrants into the Food & Drink category during ‘What’s Your Idea?’ We are incredibly proud to offer support to the winners with a prize worth £1,000 from Crowdcube and can’t wait to see how they all get on during their Crowdfunder journey.”

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Put your hands together for our Food + Drink winners!



Gin Festival & Tinker Gin • Crowdfunder Project

GinFestival.com is a dedicated team of gin fans, on a mission to bring top-class craft gins, packed full of flavour, to as many people as possible! Gin Festival & Tinker Gin are passionate about bringing you fabulous flavours. Next stop? Tinker Gin Violet. This is gonna be tasty!



Soulfuel • Crowdfunder Project

Hayley Ray is the face of Soulfuel, the smoothie bowl product for people looking for convenient health. Soulfuel smoothie bowls are completely free of gluten, dairy and are a convenient yet delicious way to get antioxidants, nutrients and organic (where possible) ingredients in one single sitting.

“Winning £1,000 and receiving support from Crowdfunder, GoDaddy and Crowdcube has given me the confidence to really take a step forward with my business idea! My health problems had a devastating effect on my life emotionally, mentally and physically. I want to turn something that was once a negative into a positive. I was amazed to see the impact of good food on my well-being and wanted to produce a tasty and convenient product that everyone can benefit from. Launching a company isn’t easy and I’m currently sitting at the bottom of a very big mountain. By supporting Soulfuel, you will be helping me start the climb. Beyond this crowdfunding campaign, we plan to work with a variety of partners to sell our products in cafes, retailers, online and even on Virgin Atlantic Business Class Flights! Watch out Richard – we are strong believers in collaboration and very open to ideas, talk to us…”



BurpFements • Crowdfunder Project

Burp Ferments are brewing naturally fermented, non-alcoholic fizzy drinking vinegar, using organic, seasonal produce and ancient methods, putting culture back into drinking. They source 100% of their ingredients straight from small-scale, sustainable farmers in the UK and aim to reinvest in impactful organisations working across the food sovereignty movement – because they believe that businesses should work in collaboration with both communities and ecosystems.

“It’s so amazing to win the Crowdfunder £1k prize. It has given us a boost of confidence in our idea and the platform to go further in raising funds to make it a reality! We hope that the Crowdfunder project will validate our idea and prove that there is a demand by connecting us to people that would be interested in joining us on our journey.”



What A Melon • Crowdfunder Project

What A Melon have had this wild idea to launch their new flavour at 30,000 feet on a crowdfunded charter plane flying from London to Ibiza. With a live DJ and free-flowing, super refreshing watermelon cocktails, What a Melon is hoping to ‘flydrate’ partygoers from take off to touch down. What’s better than a melon-fuelled adventure? Not much we say!

“Winning £1,000 has given us the confidence to put our crazy MelonAir Crowdfunder idea into motion and it will really help the project to take-off! We’re hoping the project will not only bring joy to many people by flydrating party goers from London to Ibiza, but also help us to spread word about this amazing fruit and support our launch into Ibiza.”



The Taste of Umbria • Crowdfunder Project

The Taste of Umbria vision is to build an online food store that is the first choice for regional, traditional, products from the green heart of Italy – Umbria. In the future, other key regions in Italy and other countries will be present.

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