What’s Your Idea? £1k Winners: Female Entrepreneurs

Back in February, we kicked off What’s Your Idea? in partnership with GoDaddy; offering the most innovative and impactful ideas of 2018 the opportunity to win £1,000 towards a crowdfunding project. We’re pleased to announce that the winners are now live and crowdfunding to make their great ideas happen! Keep up to date with all of our What’s Your Idea? winners here.

Running over six different days – each with its own theme – there was plenty of opportunity to get involved and we were totally bowled over by the 2,000+ incredible applications that we received throughout the competition. The decision process was not taken lightly as we faced the tough task of whittling it down to the winning ideas, but we think that all of the projects to receive a £1k in pledges and prizes are pretty special and hope that you enjoy supporting them as much as we do.

After announcing the winners for each category, each project involved went through a period of coaching from the Crowdfunder team to get them ready to go live and now, in order to unlock the £1,000 What’s Your Idea? win from their supporting partner, each project must now raise at least another £1,000 from the Crowd through crowdfunding.

Lorna from #SheMeansBusiness at Enterprise Nation, supporting partner of the Female Entrepreneur category, said, “Everything we do at Enterprise Nation is centred around helping people turn their good ideas into a reality and we were thrilled to support the Female Entrepreneur category of the What’s Your Idea? campaign. It was inspiring to see the eclectic mix of business ideas that were submitted and we are really excited to see everyone’s projects going live!”

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Put your hands together for our Female Entrepreneur winners!




Optiat • Crowdfunder Project

Optiat is an acronym, and it stands for One Person’s Trash is Another’s Treasure. This nature-friendly beauty company are repurposing ingredients into something completely new that make you look and feel fantastic! They are crowdfunding to launch their brand new sustainable chai soap blocks.

“The £1k win is a fantastic boost for our new project. Our project is based around celebrating the launch of our new soap bar range and finally getting our products into people’s hands. We’ve been working on the development of the new soaps for a very long time, so this win will help us to finally enjoy seeing the products get the launch that they deserve after months and months of hard work! I am hopeful that this Crowdfunder project will help us to build the buzz for our new chai soap block range. People who pledge will be the very first to try the new products before their full release, so the hope is that this will build excitement and momentum for when they launch fully. It’s an exciting opportunity and I cannot wait for it to go live!”



REFUGYM • Crowdfunder Project

REFUGYM is a grassroots organisation that uses exercise as a tool to help refugees with the mental health challenges that they may face.

“Whilst we are grateful that female entrepreneurs are receiving deserved recognition, we are even more grateful for the platform that helps us to raise awareness about refugees’ plight and what we propose to do about it. REFUGYM can’t wait to hit the ground running (pun intended!) and help refugee communities address mental health needs through sport and exercise. The money we raise will go directly into our project; purchasing sports equipment and enabling us to facilitate restorative adventures such as hiking, swimming and biking!”



Laura Zabo • Crowdfunder Project

Laura Zabo is on a mission to reduce tyre waste by educating people to wear unique and sustainable upcycled fashion. Her sustainable fashion accessory brand ZABO creates handmade, cruelty-free and eco-friendly goods – from reclaimed bicycles, car tyres and inner tubes. These upcycled products provide high-quality accessories to the eco-conscious market whilst providing a positive impact on the planet.

“I think crowdfunding is a fantastic way to raise more awareness about eco-consciousness and sustainable fashion; and to win the £1k in the competition is an affirmation that my venture is going in the right direction. I hope that by participating with Crowdfunder, I will be able to reach a broader audience and inspire more people to come up with even more wild ideas, to think big, create and change the world.”



BellaMoon • Crowdfunder Project

BellaMoon provides incredible comfort and rest to breastfeeding Mums (& Dads) throughout their pregnancy and breastfeeding journey. Designed to be used day or night, BellaMoon is a multi-functional, lateral breastfeeding bed that provides maximum comfort.

“Winning the £1,000 pledge has given me the confidence I needed to launch BellaMoon to the world in a crowdfunding campaign. Aside from raising funding for my first production round, this campaign will finally reveal BellaMoon to the world, provide market validation for potential future investors, and will help give me more direction on how to grow my business to the next level.”



Country Bumpkin Yurts • Crowdfunder Project

Country Bumpkin Yurts is a beautiful glamping site on a lovely farm in the East Midlands countryside. Their enchanting yurts allow you to relax and unwind in rustic luxury – away from it all but with lots to do nearby. They are crowdfunding to create a Canvas Café that celebrates local food and drink in the ultimate country setting.

“The £1k win gave us and our Canvas Café the boost we needed to launch our campaign and share the news of our exciting venture. We hope to use our Crowdfunder project to share our vision to a wider audience and enable more people to join our journey. It’s a great way to boost our marketing.”




Purely • Crowdfunder Project

Team Purely’s aim is to bring a revolution to traditional snacking by introducing global, healthier options with a great taste promise. With corporate backgrounds in food importing and exporting and extensive knowledge of South America, the team at Purely are passionate about capturing the innocence of nature in their products. This means no additives or preservatives, ethically and sustainably sourced raw materials and minimal processing of products.

“The £1k brings us closer to scaling our business – we were looking for ways to raise brand awareness, to make more people know and try our product, as well as to reach to more retailers. With this money, we will be able to introduce new products into the Purely family, bringing a wider range of healthy and tasty snacks to our customers’ everyday life, and contribute to people’s healthier lifestyle. One of the main things we want to achieve through this project is increasing brand exposure and product awareness, since we see it as one of the most important things for a start-up business. The idea of crowdfunding is fantastic since it gives small businesses a chance to be seen on a platform that gathers dreamers and supporters, allowing us to be seen and supported by those who also find our idea inspiring.”



Love food. Trust food. • Crowdfunder Project

Looking to transform the way Britain eats, whatsinit? is all about making healthier eating easy and convenient for everyone. Their ‘love food, trust food project’ combines simplifying food labelling, empowering people to make healthier food choices and helping small businesses grow.

“Winning £1k for the whatsinit? ‘love food, trust food project’ validated our campaign and reminded us of the importance of helping people to make healthier food choices. Through crowdfunding, we hope to help people understand how crucial food ingredients and nutritional labels are to health and wellness. We also want to raise awareness for the amazing small British food producers who are making great-tasting foods that provide healthier, heart-friendly ways to snack.”

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What’s Your Idea? £1k Winners: Startups
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