What’s Your Idea? £1k Winners: Exporting

Back in February, we kicked off What’s Your Idea? in partnership with GoDaddy; offering the most innovative and impactful ideas of 2018 the opportunity to win £1,000 towards a crowdfunding project. We’re pleased to announce that the winners are now live and crowdfunding to make their great ideas happen! Keep up to date with all of our What’s Your Idea? winners here.

Running over six different days – each with its own theme – there was plenty of opportunity to get involved and we were totally bowled over by the 2,000+ incredible applications that we received throughout the competition. The decision process was not taken lightly as we faced the tough task of whittling it down to the winning ideas, but we think that all of the projects to receive £1k in pledges and prizes are pretty special and hope that you enjoy supporting them as much as we do.

After announcing the winners for each category, each project involved went through a period of coaching from the Crowdfunder team to get them ready to go live and now, in order to unlock the £1,000 What’s Your Idea? prize from their supporting partner, each project must now raise at least another £1,000 from the Crowd through crowdfunding.

Minister of State for Trade and Export Promotion, Baroness Fairhead, said, “All of the winners in this year’s export category are great examples of British innovation and quality, demonstrating the high demand for our goods and services around the world. Export support is a key way that the government can help businesses succeed and allow companies to achieve sustainable growth on the global stage.”

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Put your hands together for our Exporting winners!




Chocolarder • Crowdfunder Project

Ever wanted to visit a real chocolate factory? Chocolarder, Cornwall’s only bean-to-bar chocolate producer, are looking to do just this and bring to life a real chocolate factory and cafe. The concept behind Chocolarder is very simple – one skilled chocolate maker; quality, ethically-sourced ingredients; a from-scratch process with no unnecessary additives; plastic and waste free; and a person-centred approach. What’s not to love?

“The £1,000 win is an extremely welcome boost. It’s been a huge motivator to know that our Crowdfunder project is off to a decent start from the very beginning and hope this will attract more people to support our project! Our plans are to build a new factory where Chocolarder can make real chocolate with uncompromising commitment to ethical and environmental principles. Visitors will be welcome to watch the whole bean-to-bar process and to enjoy the new café. There will be workshops and demos and we hope to make it a real community hub! With the money raised, we would also like to restore an antique Victorian cacao roaster to make it the heart of the new location. Working with Crowdfunder has given us the opportunity to let more people know about what we do and we’re very grateful for their help.”




Know The Origin • Crowdfunder Project

Know The Origin are creating an online shopping destination to bring together transparent and ethical products made differently. They want to make it easy for you to shop ethically and to know the impact and origin of your products.

We were delighted to have won the £1k prize – it has meant we can cover the costs of crowdfunding and unlock money through our community, that we otherwise we wouldn’t have thought of doing. We are so excited to share our idea with our community and to have the chance to fully explain the next phase of the business, as well as growing awareness of Know The Origin through people sharing the campaign on social media.”



Tea Huggers • Crowdfunder Project

Tea Huggers is a wellness herbal tea brand with an army of fans around the world. To date, over 100,000 boxes of tea have been sold to a community of people who love the brand, but they now need the help of the Crowd to launch their new look to ensure that the teas look as great as they taste!




Little Beau Sheep • Crowdfunder Project

The devastating consequences of plastic seems to be an unavoidable conversation at the moment (and rightly so), and Little Beau Sheep is flying the flag for a kinder, gentler and more eco-friendly approach to laundy and body care. Inspired by sheep, Little Beau Sheep is the home of sheep inspired laundry and body care products made with British wool and lanolin; they want to help turn the tide on plastic by finding a friendlier alternative to plastic packaging.

“The competition win has opened my eyes to the possibility of using crowdfunding for my business and should allow me to bring about change more quickly. It is also a great opportunity to validate my concept and raise awareness for my brand.”




Secret Project • Crowdfunder Project

There are two secrets to these pillows: the first secret is that the making and selling of Secret Pillows unfolds women’s power in India, and the other secret is that the pillows unfold into a snuggly blanket. Fritha has been selling Secret Pillows since she set up her social business, Secret Projects, in 2014. So far, she has trained over 500 women in India to make Secret Pillows and have sold thousands all over the world. She is now crowdfunding to step out on an exciting journey to create personalisable Secret Pillows in partnership with digital printers, Quancious.

To be very honest I have run so many crowdfunding campaigns that I lost my bottle to run more. Does that sound silly? But as soon as I saw the competition with Exporting is Great, Go Daddy and Capital IFX, I knew that if I won I would feel like I have the right to go out there again and crowdfund. I am so excited about crowdfunding again; the buzz is like nothing else. The main outcome is to establish the range of personalisable Secret Pillows and promote our ambition that this is just the beginning. Have Quancious as a partner is going to open a whole new chapter in the life of the Secret Pillow. It is incredible what working in partnership with other businesses can achieve.”



Swanky Portraits • Crowdfunder Project

Swanky Portraits was founded by Taaya through her love for illustrating people. She was inspired to launch the business after she came up with the idea to illustrate children and adults into their own books whilst reading a story to her daughter. She is now crowdfunding to scale the business and export globally.




Ideal Factory • Crowdfunder Project

Ideal Factory are breaking down the traditional barriers to product design for passionate creatives, in the pursuit of making high quality art products. They are gearing up for a total production revolution; one that throws mass production and fast fashion to the curb to make room for a true celebration of quality and creativity.

“Although we have been working on Ideal Factory for a number of years, we are only now beginning to really introduce our design platform to people. The £1,000 win means we are already halfway towards our target for funding our server setups, ready for our beta launch. The main reason for crowdfunding is to begin our launch of Ideal Factory in a controlled manner. Our goal is to support and celebrate creativity and product design and creation and Crowdfunder is the perfect supporting environment for us to progress towards this goal.”




Green Sisters • Crowdfunder Project

Green Sisters are crowdfunding to increase the availability and awareness of their authentic Indian ‘free-from’ food, which includes an award winning range of vegan, gluten-free Samosas, chutneys, spice pots and recipes.

“Crowdfunder has provided Green Sisters with an invaluable opportunity to reach a wider audience and share the message of breaking down barriers created by food intolerances or dietary preference; recognising that many individuals now choose a health conscious lifestyle. The £1k win will enable us to create our first educational campaign that will share food experiences and help to educate our gluten free, free from and vegan audience on how to prepare food. By sharing our top tips and videos, along with tasty spice combinations, we hope to promote inclusion through food. After all, food should be for everyone, not just a few!”

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