We are keen to get schools crowdfunding!

We are so excited to be working with RIO and getting schools crowdfunding and making many children very happy. Emily Smith was lucky enough to catch up with Elinor Eaton, of RIO, to hear all about the organisation, why they are really excited to introduce crowdfunding to schools and what the plan of action is! 

Making a difference is at the heart of everything that RIO Schools Service does, our aim is to enable schools and organisations that work with young people, to provide real and purposeful learning opportunities so that young people of today, are ready for their tomorrows.

RIO is a nationally and internationally renowned social enterprise, known for its ability to break new educational ground and use the principles of social enterprise to continually inspire and innovate. RIO Schools Service provides effective solutions for a wide range of schools’ needs, and is fundamentally driven by a passion and commitment to young people. RIO believes that young people deserve to have experiences, opportunities and skills that will impact and profoundly benefit their futures.

By enabling our young people to be more innovative and by giving them real challenges there has been an ever-greater acknowledgement that if we are to have any hope of realising our goals for the future, we must begin to focus on young people – given that it is the young people of today who will be the adults of tomorrow.

RIO’s School Service is proud to be holding the South West’s first “Crowdfunding for Schools” event at the Devonport Guildhall on Tuesday 19th November – to coincide with Global Entrepreneurship week. Crowdfunding is, for many, a new way to access money and support for projects. Its popularity has grown in recent years and we feel it can be an ideal platform for schools and young people to gain access to the funds they need. The event is designed to demystify crowdfunding, and show how it really can make a difference to raising funds.

We have so many conversations with schools every day, around obstacles and challenges that they are facing in today’s changing landscape. These conversations are around how schools endeavour to have more community interaction, innovative ways to generate income and techniques to raise their external profiles in their communities. Crowdfunding can be a useful vehicle for all of the mentioned challenges that schools are facing, and we hope that the event ‘Take a Step Forward’ will answer questions and offer solutions.

The RIO Schools Service team have been assisting schools to find new ways of unlocking value for the last six years, and “Crowdfunding for Schools” is our latest offer to help unlock investment, create resources and generate income.

The Real Ideas Organisation wants to see young people everywhere have the space, connections and ongoing support to fulfil their potential and experience the practical benefits of developing their own ideas, Crowdfunding is an interesting element that we are really looking forward to exploring with Crowdfunder.co.uk.

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