The only way is UP!

Screen Shot 2015-02-09 at 11.15.23Guest blog by the fantastic team behind The Up Project – a Crowdfunder campaign that aims to provide baby slings for disadvantaged projects across the UK: 


Its been a busy few months behind the scenes to get our Crowdfunder campaign up and running. We wanted to make it as successful as we could, so there was no rushing it, first we set about gaining the pledges, this wasn’t as hard as we thought as so many wonderful companies, vendors, consultants and libraries kindly donated to our cause. We were very determined that the video needed to be at the heart of our campaign to show who and what we were about, so we all worked hard to ensure it had as much impact as we could whilst showing exactly what we were and what we would be doing with the funds we raised.


The setting up of the crowdfunder page was relatively easy, it’s a great website, straightforward with lots of helpful tips on how to be successful in your campaign.


Once we had a date we were set, and looked into how we could really make the project stand out. Luckily between our four directors and the amazing community and friends we have within the babywearing industry, we knew sharing and promotion wouldn’t be hard. All the directors have unique skills across many platforms of social media. So we knew whipping up interest would be fun.


We chose Monday at 8pm to kick everything off, it was the beginning of the month, enough time after Christmas to get a good amount of pledge interest and after bedtime just when families are hitting the web for a catch up.


The directors were nervous in the hours leading up to going live, would anyone pledge? Would we be successful? How do we keep up momentum? But by 8.20pm it was obvious as predicted our wonderful community was getting right behind us and pledging their hearts out. Within 30 minutes we had already hit 10%, which was something we were hoping to do in the first 24 hours. I don’t think anyone expected it to take off quite so fast.


The money kept flooding in and we were smashing each level 10%, 20%, £400, then by 10pm we had already reached 50% of our total. We were blown away, our pledge incentives were flying off the shelves and our top incentive had even been snapped up! We had two mad hours of constant Facebooking and Tweeting, even Crowdfunder got involved and gave us some valuable advice on how we could really get things moving.


The comments were coming in on the crowdfunder page too, everyone was happy to pledge and supported out cause, its heart-warming to read.


We were not even 24 hours in and our goal looked within reach and now we are overfunding with a “stretch target”. This will help us to produce our literature in various other formats such as, braille and audio format. So we can be accessible to everyone!


The next 6 months looks like a wonderful time for The Up Project, we will be rolling out throughout the UK over the summer and helping at least 75 families this year. Its exciting and all thanks to the kindness of those who donate and pledge to our cause!



Have you donated yet? If not go to Crowdfunder and get your hands on one of our great The Up Project rewards!




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