VOOM 2016: The LettUs Grow crowdfunding journey

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LettUs Grow are a start up business hailing from Bristol Uni all about growing salad indoors and reducing food waste at the same time! It’s an eco-friendly, sustainable project which they are also crowdfunding with VOOM 2016, offering great rewards to their pledgers.

We caught up with Jack Farmer, co-founder of LettUs grow, to talk about his VOOM journey so far. 


Tell us about your business in five words…

Fresh Healthy Greens Grown Indoors

What prompted you to enter VOOM 2016?

“It was an opportunity too good to miss. We are just starting out and it seemed like a great way to get feedback on our products.”

Why did you want to crowdfund your entry as well?

“We wanted to gauge the public’s reaction to our products and it allows us to get pledges as well as votes.”

How has crowdfunding helped your business, and your competition entry?

“We use state of the art technology to allow people to grow fresh produce but entering the competition has really focused our minds on what we need to do. We are using the competition to launch our first products.”

How are you encouraging votes and pledges?

“We are connected to Bristol University so VOOM 2016 is helping us to grow our network of supporters at the same time – and of course family and friends.”

What’s the best bit about VOOM 2016?

“Getting to find out what people really think about your idea and it has really pushed us as a team.”

How far do you want to get in the competition?

“We’d be very happy if we made it to the next round but we’re keeping our fingers crossed we make it all the way.”

Where do you want your business to be in five years?

“We would love to take this product to other parts of the world. This allows people to grow fresh food in an urban environment so we would love to be selling to major cities across the Far East and America.”

  • Head over to VOOM 2016 to add your pitch today.

LettUs Grow are also featured as a part of the Crowdfunder Better Bristol campaign with the Bristol Green Capital Partnership  – come and check it out! 

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