VOOM 2017 July Winner Watt Water

The VOOM £1,000 Winner is Watt Water.

July kicks off the first month of the VOOM £1,000 giveaway to support great ideas that are shared on the Crowdfunder Facebook page.

From the ideas for July we have chosen Watt Water as a great idea that truly deserves the £1,000 VOOM giveaway. We are sure this will help grow the idea and hope that Watt Water continues it’s success.

VOOM will continue to giveaway £1,000 each month until 2018. So if you have a great idea then you could be in the running to win next month’s £1,000.

The Winners Story

Watt Water

Looks like water – Tastes like water – Works like coffee!


We’d grown tired (literally) of rush hour queues in coffee shops, paying over the odds for a premium cup of coffee and being left to choose between a calorific or artificially flavoured energy drink. With a tight student budget already dwindling and an increasing focus on health and wellbeing, founder Reece asked, ‘could it all be simpler – energy without the cost, fuss, or unhealthy downside?’ His frustration at its peak, he set out to find a clean, convenient and inexpensive solution to his energy woes!

Watt Water packs the same caffeine kick as a strong double espresso shot in 500ml of refreshing Spring water – making it  zero calorie, zero sugar, artificial flavouring free & perfect on the go, before a workout or whenever you need a pick me up

“The VOOM Crowdfunder competition represented the perfect opportunity for me to start my idea and get the wheels in motion. It made the biggest obstacle for a start up, financing and finding capital, seem manageable and far less daunting.

Simon from the Crowdfunding team filled me with the confidence to believe that my target was reachable and provided me with useful techniques for generating interest and spreading my page. VOOM and Crowdfunder enabled me to get the best start I could have hoped for, by helping me to put my idea out there and receive support and positive feedback from a wide network”

Who is next?

How to enter for next week 

Entering is easy


Two ways to enter: write 100 words on Facebook or leave a 60-second video message below – remember, be bold and creative!


Our six favourites get an intensive week of coaching from our crowdfunding experts.


It’s crowdfunding time. You have 72 hours to raise as much money for your idea as you can.


The project with the most money wins £1,000, and scoops a chance to bag brunch with Sir Richard Branson.

Two ways to win £1,000

You can tell us your idea over on Facebook or here, using your webcam. Don’t be afraid to make your 100 words or 60-second video really stand out (no nudity though, please!) – we’re looking for ideas that will make a splash.

Tell us:

  1. A bit about yourself       2. Your big idea       3. And where you want to take it

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