VOOM 2017 August Winner: Storage Shepherd

We kicked off our monthly VOOM £1,000 giveaway in July to support great ideas that are shared on our Crowdfunder Facebook page. As we wave goodbye to August and the last of the summer sun, we’re pleased to announce that Storage Shepherd are our second winner’s to receive the £1,000 fund.

VOOM will continue to giveaway £1,000 each month until 2018 – so if you have a great idea, then be sure to enter into our next month’s competition to be in with the chance of winning.

We are currently taking applications until 8th September. Entries close at midday and the finalists will be announced shortly after.

The Winners Story: Storage Shepherd

Tackling the very real issue of space consumption, Storage Shepherd aim to make self-storage and car parking both greener and more affordable. With their online platform, people are able to secure spare space in their home or driveway, which they can rent out for storage or car parking. Offering a sustainable solution to the growing demand for self-storage, Storage Shepherd are funding to raise money to enable them to increase awareness of their work so that they can start populating their online platform with spaces. With a tremendously inspiring entrepreneurial spirit and a continuous emphasis on unity between start-up businesses (which is evident from their wide range of rewards!), Crowdfunder.co.uk are proud to award Storage Shepherd the £1,000 VOOM prize towards their great cause.

We caught up with Max, one of the duo behind Storage Shepherd, about what the win means for their problem-tackling idea:

‘The VOOM competition set by Crowdfunder UK was the kick we needed to give crowdfunding a try. We had never ventured into the world of crowdfunding before but the success in the competition did more than award us with a cash prize. The main benefit for us was that it really validated our idea. The support out there for a platform, which will massively improve the self-storage and car parking industry, was phenomenal, giving us the confidence to really kick on with our product. The money we have raised will now be used to inform people about Storage Shepherd and get them to list their spaces on our platform. This is the vital first step in creating a successful market place and the team is now a lot more excited for the future. A huge thank you goes out to the people who donated, and please do get in touch for any more information about storageshepherd.com’

Who is next?

We are now taking applications for September’s VOOM £1k giveaway and entering couldn’t be easier!


Two ways to enter: write 100 words on Facebook or leave a 60-second video message (scroll to the bottom of the page) – remember, be bold and creative!


Our six favourites get an intensive week of coaching from our crowdfunding experts.


It’s crowdfunding time. You have 72 hours to raise as much money for your idea as you can.


The project with the most money wins £1,000, and scoops a chance to bag brunch with Sir Richard Branson.

Two ways to win £1,000

You can tell us your idea over on Facebook or alternatively, using your webcam. Don’t be afraid to make your 100 words or 60-second video really stand out (no nudity though, please!) – we’re looking for ideas that will make a splash.

What we want to know:

  • A bit about yourself    
  • Your big idea   
  • Where you want to take it

We can’t wait to hear your big ideas. 
Be sure to keep up to date with the big VOOM £1,000 giveaway here!

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