#VOOM 2016: Crowdfunder Pick of the Week

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This week’s business that takes home an additional pledge of £1,000 on their project is… LettUs Grow

Lettus Grow

LettUs Grow is a technology company on a mission to reduce salad waste and provide easy access to fresh, tasty greens in the modern home.

Their solution is to design products, using a blend of LED and soilless growing technologies, that bring salad growing into the home.

Jack Farmer, Founder of LettUsGrow said: “Crowdfunding through VOOM has been incredibly useful. Importantly, the support we received through Crowdfunder has validated our idea and funded the first stage of our product development. It’s been invaluable.”

What’s it all about?

In case you missed it… everyone who uploaded a pitch into Virgin Media Business‘s VOOM comp has the opportunity to “Carry on Crowdfunding” – which is brilliant news as it just keeps the VOOM coming for all the businesses across the UK looking to make their brilliant ideas a reality.

Every Friday, the five who raise the most money will be considered by a panel from Virgin Media Business and Crowdfunder for that week’s prize.

The VOOM Crowdfunder ‘Pick of the Week’ will run for 10 weeks — until 12th August. That’s ten shots at a £1,000 cash injection for YOUR business.

Keep crowdfunding! And may your #VOOM never end.

#VOOM Pick of the week
#VOOM 2016: Crowdfunder Pick of the Week