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Got a great video idea but need help with your script?


Here at Crowdfunder we want to help our crowdfunders as much as we possibly can, we have already given you tips on how to make a perfect video ( and now we are going to be extra nice and give you our top tips on what makes a perfect script.

You don’t have to be Quentin Tarantino to make a short video nowadays, a good script and a carefully crafted storyboard are all you need to be on your way. Videos are key to bringing a project to life and allowing you to show your backers who you are and why your project is so important.

The content of your video is more important than how professional it looks. Saying that, if you can make it look good too then that’s an added bonus! What’s key to note is that project videos don’t need to be long at all. Read below to see what we think makes a perfect script:

Things you could say …

[First 30 seconds] – Always make sure this first bit is face to camera – show your potential backers who you are and how enthusiastic you are

Hello and welcome to our Crowdfunder video for #Project_Title#

We are #Company_Name# and we do …

We believe that our crowdfunding campaign is really important because …

[30 – 60 seconds] – This next bit can be a voice over, making sure that it’s being said over some really good video content

We need x amount of money because …

This is all going to happen at …

To make this happen we need all of you good people to help us raise x to help us buy …

[Last bit] – Again make sure this is face to camera – show how passionate you are about this project and why people should back it

We are offering great rewards, if you pledge £x you will get (and so on) …

Get involved now and make your pledge on

The Bicycle Academy – Crowd Funding from The Bicycle Academy on Vimeo.

Thank you for watching. We think this is all you need with a friendly face and a half decent camera man to make a perfect project video.

If you need any more advice please contact us at

Good luck!

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