Trust For London & City Bridge Trust complete distribution of £100k in funding to community projects is pleased to announce that the £100k ‘Improving Life for Londoners’ fund, looking to tackle inequality and relieve poverty in London, has now been completely distributed. Trust for London and City Bridge Trust have been working with to distribute this fund to projects that have shown proven public support.

With the intention to alleviate poverty and unite communities in the City, the ‘Improving Life for Londoners’ fund set out to bring to life London-based projects that address local problems in creative ways.

In order to unlock a match fund pledge of up to 50% of their crowdfunding target, eligible projects (with a maximum target of £10k and a clear intention to benefit London communities) were expected to raise at least the first 25% of their goal from the Crowd.

Sioned Churchill, Director of Special Initiatives and Evaluation at Trust For London, said, “We were very pleased that all the projects we pledged on were successful, raising at least 1.5 times the value of our funds. The range of projects was also impressive, including training and education programmes for asylum seekers and young people, setting up new enterprises helping vulnerable people, and festivals to celebrate the diversity of London. The majority of these projects would not be eligible through our main grants programmes, so through Crowdfunder, we were able to fund very different activities to improve the lives of Londoners.”

Support from the Trust for London and City Bridge Trust backed fund has enabled the successful projects that received pledges to deliver their practical solutions to help improve life for Londoners.

Some of the projects that received match funding…

The UK’s first black girl festival
£4,718 The Crowd
£3,000 Trust For London & City Bridge Trust

Looking to create a space for Black British women to see themselves within their local London community through a combination of the arts, music, culture and conversation, this project sought funds to launch their one-day festival. Standing as a celebration of past, present and future Black British women, the festival incorporated workshops, panels and entertainment for all ages, integrating both culture and conversation.

Project owner, Nicole Crentsil, said, “For us, Crowdfunder is about community and sharing new, exciting ideas that are designed to inspire, empower and support a community. Our project, Black Girl Festival, fits so perfectly with this ethos which made Crowdfunder UK our number one choice for funding the change that we want to see. Other than financial support, Crowdfunder has shown us how engaged our community has been with our project. Through statistics, conversations and our social media channels, sharing our Crowdfunder campaign has been an excellent way to communicate our ideas coherently and creatively. We hope that this project kick starts a series of annual festivals that travel across the UK to further celebrate Black British women nationally. Further intergenerational inclusive conversations need to happen within our community and The Black Girl Festival could be the catalyst to make this happen.”

Helping Hands Food Bank
£5,240 The Crowd
£8,240 Trust For London & City Bridge Trust
£3,000 Lewisham Council

Set up by Action for Refugees in Lewisham, the Helping Hands Food Bank aims to stop the most vulnerable refugees and asylum seekers in Lewisham and South-East London from going hungry. Once a week, Helping Hands will provide food boxes and parcels to refugees and asylum seekers who are destitute, with little or no access to food, aiming to reduce food insecurity and its consequences.

TimePeace: refugees & locals free skill swap
£10,800 The Crowd
£10,000 Trust For London & City Bridge Trust

Looking to develop their mobile app that enables users to share skills and activities with each other, TimePeace is a movement that promotes and facilitates greater social integration between asylum seekers/refugees and local citizens. Skills and activities are shared with one another by the hour, and for every hour that you give, you gain an hour to use on something that you want. By allowing users to exchange time (“time credits”) instead of money, the app offers a long term solution that enables asylum seekers to play an active role in their new community from day one.

The Canteens project
£8,300 The Crowd
£8,000 Trust For London & City Bridge Trust

Be Enriched and Brixton People’s Kitchen collaborated to raise funds to turn a disused building into a community hub, which will offer essential social interaction and provide regular, consistent support for people in the area who have nowhere to turn when in need. Looking to set up a community canteen in the space that will serve up much more than just a meal, the initiative intends to also provide volunteering opportunities for everyone, training for young people in catering and social enterprise and affordable co-working spaces for local small businesses.

Save the Common House
£10,670 The Crowd
£4,630 Trust For London & City Bridge Trust

In a city where social space is becoming increasingly private, The Common House has been carving out a common space shared by a wide range of groups and projects. However, in order to continue offering this much-needed communal space to the community, additional funds were required. Organised and structured by collective activity, not by money or property rights, The Common House stands as a radical, community-building space in East London, intending to provide the opportunity for individuals and collectives to meet, support one another and share skills and ideas.

In 2017, we distributed over £1.9m as match pledges from partners to the projects that they care about. Read more about the funds that we currently have on offer here to see if your great idea could be eligible to receive additional funding.

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