Top 9 UK Crowdfunding Videos 2014

2014 was a brilliant year for crowdfunders across the UK and our Crowdfunder Academy team have revisited some of their favourite videos to provide inspiration and ideas for new projects launching their Crowdfunder campaigns this year:


Head Crowdfunder Academy Coach, Si, is a fan of the hugely popular Foo Fighters campaign, surfer, Andrew Cotton’s Behind the Lines film and Aspinalls project vid who all have fun and informational clear messaging on camera:


The Foo Fighters vid helped the campaign raise over £300,000 with the support of 2571 backers!




Andrew Cotton used brilliant press coverage in his film to showcase the support for his project, raising over £11,000 from 221 backers:  




The team at Aspinalls filmed on location to show the need for funding, raising over £6,000 from 124 backers: 



Coach, Dunc is a fan of the Hearing Dogs for Deaf People pup-mobile appeal, Snact’s business campaign and The Wave Bristol‘s entrepreneurial artificial wave edits, for their clarity and strong messaging:


The Pup-Mobile had some great “guests” to get their message across, raising over £16,000 from 342 backers:



Fruit what? Snact’s passion and enthusiasm come across in their vibrant vid, helping them raise over £13,500 from 273 backers: 



The Wave Bristol’s beautiful and creative vid has been a firm favourite in the Crowdfunder office, playing a big part in the project raising a staggering £219,473 from 937 backers: 



Sami, Campaign Coach enjoyed the Where Caterpillars Go film, Surf Pro, Tassy Swallow’s Surf House St Ives vid and Save Jan the Van for their brilliant and unique rewards:


“Colin” captured the imagination of 85 backers helping the project raise over £3000: 



Pro-surfer, Tassy spoke directly to her supporters about her campaign, raising over £11,000 from 146 backers to build a home for surfers: 



#SaveJan was the message for this projects and the social media push in the vid helped supporters spread the word and raise £2,300 from 94 backers:



Inspired? Add your project today and Crowdfund your great idea: 



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