Top 8 War on Waste Crowdfunding Projects

War on Waste

A third of food in the UK never gets eaten, yet 13 million people in this country are struggling to afford to eat. Enter Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall’s War on Waste, a documentary exploring the issue of food waste.

There are many contributing factors, such as supermarket cosmetic standards and cancelled orders, consumer waste (the average UK family wastes £700 worth of food annually!) and overwhelming choice, as Hugh explains in his War on Waste documentary: “We’re spending more than ever before to get what we want, when we want it. But we’re paying a high price for our world of infinite choice.”

As well educating the public, Hugh is on a mission to get the supermarkets to tackle the issue head on. He has created a letter for people to email expressing their concern over supermarket food waste. At last count it had received 272,832 signatures! You can sign up here and follow the progress on twitter.

Crowdfunder has teamed up with Hugh to support innovative projects that help solve the massive issue of waste. Here are a few of our past and present wonderful waste projects!

1. We Feed the World

Feed the World

Hugh describes this project: “The We Feed the World project aims to connect as many people as possible to the source of their food supply and gets them to question just who is dictating the future of their food economy and why? I urge everyone who thinks that’s an important question to get behind this.” 

70% of the world’s population is fed by small farmers using traditional and sustainable methods of agriculture, which is championed by the UN and every aid and environmental group in the world. We Feed the World wants to push this topic into the spotlight and get everyone talking about it. They plan to do this by getting some of the biggest names in photography to take portraits of such farmers around the world to and use them to form a large-scale exhibition next year. The public nature and consequential press coverage will generate attention and debate to this very important topic.

So far they have raised £89,811 of their £160,00 target, just over 50%. The good news is there is still 25 days left to pledge your support! Find out more about We Feed the World and #JoinOurCrowd on twitter for even more information.

2. Local Food Takeaway Project

Take Away project

Everyone loves a cheeky takeaway once in a while, but what if you could grab some tasty fast food that was grown locally? Sounds like a win win to us! Bridport-based Stir To Action is currently crowdfunding support for their ethically sourced and nutritious alternative to fast food, which features everything from sustainable fish and chips to vegan options! They have raised £6,350 so far, meeting their initial target. They are now trying to get to their stretch target of £8,000 with two days left. Find out more about the Local Food Takeaway Project and #JoinOurCrowd on twitter.

3. Locavore’s Big Plan

Locavore’s Big Plan

Locavore’s Big Plan is currently crowdfunding for a 1000m2 property to launch their Social Enterprise Supermarket. They aim to create a more sustainable local good economy, but it has to be big enough to become a viable alternative for consumers so that it can go head to head with traditional supermarkets. They plan to offer an unparalleled selection of local produce as well as the broad range of everyday grocery lines that consumers expect.

So far they’re up to £3,000 of their £15,000 target; they’ve got plenty of time to get there with 29 days left. Follow them on twitter and #JoinOurCrowd, plus find out more about the Big Plan here.

4. Transforming food waste into superfood

Transforming food waste into superfood

This project runs workshops to show the public how they can turn food considered waste into a superfood by using fermentation. These workshops require equipment to help provide a better experience and keep people engaged.

So they’ve secured £475 of their £3,820 target and they’ve got 26 days left. You can find out more about Transforming food waste into superfood here and even follow them on twitter to #JoinOurCrowd.

5. Food Van for Farnworth and Kearsley Foodbank

Food Van for Farnworth and Kearsley Foodbank

Last year the Farnworth and Kearsley Foodbank fed 3,643 in crisis by supplying them with a three day package of food for them and their dependents. They had to rely on volunteers and their vehicles to drive the 27 tonnes of donated food to the warehouse to be sorted and then out to the distribution centres. This year they were fortunate enough to be given a van. They decided to crowdfund the required money to keep the van maintained and on the road.

Amazingly, after seeing the press coverage surrounding this project, Bolton Council and Councillor Ibrahim have agreed to fund the full £1000 required to keep the van going for a year!

The crowdfund campaign is still open as the money received will help them get ahead of next year’s costs. Read more about the Food Van for Farnworth and Kearsley Foodbank project here and #JoinOurCrowd by following them on twitter.

6. The Real Junk Food Project Gosport

The Real Junk Food Project Gosport

Feed bellies not bins – that’s the rallying cry of the Real Junk Food project! And rightly so, they state that 15 million tonnes of food waste heads to landfill each year in the UK, at the same 13 million people are classed as being in poverty. This project saves the food on its way to the landfill (often because it is a funny shape, surplus to requirement of going ‘out of date’) and turn it into tasty meals they serve in their pop-up café.

So far they’ve raised £80 of their £12,000 target and they have 17 days left! Find out more about the Real Junk Food Project here and #JoinOurCrowd by following them on twitter.

7. Food, Hip Hop and the Green Economy 

Food, Hip Hop and the Green Economy

Food, Hip Hop and the Green Economy wanted to raise £15,000 to launch their first ever 6-month course. It combines green education, personal growth and skills development to support young people to grow their communities. The courses have been a big success with locals, one described it:

“when you finished your day you feel like what you learnt is really useful,” which from a 12-year-old is incredibly high praise!

They managed to raise £3,735 from 111 backers in 35 days and the course went ahead! You can read more about the Food, Hip Hop and the Green Economy project and #JoinOurCrowd on twitter to follow their progress.

8. Food Works 

Food Works

From the charity behind the award-winning Fifteen Cornwall Apprentice Programme, FoodWorks is a food-skills, life-skills programme that puts chefs into communities to help improve individuals health and wellbeing.

They wanted to raise £40,000 so they could deliver the programme for the foreseeable future as well as deliver the course across multiple locations, offer some people free or subsidised places and secure the right staff for the project.

They were successfully funded in June, raising a total of £40,320 from 182 backers in just 28 days.Read more about the FoodWorks project here and #JoinOurCrowd on twitter.



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