Top 12 British Crowdfunding Projects of 2014


“2014 was the year crowdfunding went mainstream with thousands of grass roots British ideas becoming a reality thanks to the people of the UK “- Phil Geraghty, MD Crowdfunder 

In the last 12 months we’ve seen some amazing projects. To celebrate this fact we have pulled together our top 12 British Crowdfunding campaigns of 2014.

FCUnitedChristmasFC United of Manchester – raised £51,395 from 679 backers – Putting the community back into football. This community-owned club will now have the facilities it needs thanks to their local supporters.

The Crees Foundation raised £28020 from 440 backers – People have been trying to save the rainforest for decades and its getting worse not better, Crees foundation are taking a fresh approach by focusing on the people. After being featured in the BBC documentary “I bought a rainforest” this project captured the imagination of the UK public.

Stepney City Farm – raised £22,320 from 268 backers to remain open to the public after being featured in Time Out & BBC London during their campaign.

Kids Company – raised over £90,000 from 2045 backers to ensure 4000 children will get the christmas dinner they deserve this festive season. With support along the way from Hugh Grant, Gok Wan and Jack Whitehall.

Made in Hackney – £13,280 from 257 backers – faced with closure after funding cuts Made in Hackney are still cooking with the community thanks to their community of backers.

 Natalie Bennett Green Party leader autumn conferenceGreen Party Leader Natalie Bennett raised £6965 from 341 backers – The first British party to embrace crowdfunding, the Green Party are determined to be funded by the people and not by big business. The Green Party are now crowdfunding all over the country following the first campaign in Plymouth.

The Wave Bristol – raised over £164,000 from 680 backers to build the UK’s first inland surfing lake near Bristol, this ambitious project is showing the scale of what is possible with crowdfunding.

Baked Worthing – raised £2695 from 132 backers – Startup businesses all over the country are turning to Crowdfunder to make their ideas happen. Baked Worthing embodies all that is great about independent businesses taking back the high street through crowdfunding.

Mark Boyle ( The Moneyless Man) – raised £10,980 from 223 backers for his Happy Pig project – When the moneyless man starts crowdfunding –  you know you are dealing with something very new and exciting.

Annan Harbour Scotland raised £6000 from 45 backers – to match funds from the European Fisheries Commission to restore their local harbour to its former glory. Showing how crowdfunding and traditional grants work side by side.

Scholes cROWDFUNDERThe James McCarthy Foundation raised £20,440 from 1165 backers – gaining support along the way from Cristiano Ronaldo, Gary Neville, Paul Scholes, Darren Fletcher and Countdown’s Rachel Riley.

Worthing Toilets – raised £6286 from 211 backers – Every day we see a project that we’ve never seen before, and it was an iconic moment in British crowdfunding when the people of Worthing crowdfunded a new public toilet. The people of Worthing wanted this, and now they will have it.

“Crowdfunding is changing the way that local communities come together to make great ideas happen. It has been a pleasure working with our 1000’s of projects in 2014 and looking forward to what Crowdfunder makes a reality in the next 12 months.”

Phil Geraghty – MD of Crowdfunder 


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