The Fiver: Around the world


Come with us on a journey

Vibrant cultures, arts, charity and languages bring people together
to make the world a more beautiful place.

This week we take a look at five unique projects connecting people from all corners of the Earth. Grab your passport.

Experience a taste of Brazil with Boa Vida. These guys are on a mission is to offer the purest, most authentic açai experience outside of the Amazon rainforest.
Olive Branch Arts are returning to the Saharawi refugee camps in Algeria to train young people in theatre and performance.
As people are still coming to terms with the devastation, these awesome folk are raising funds for the animals affected by the Central Italian earthquake.
The Great Escape is bringing the world to its senses. Products are inspired by adventure, and filled with natural ingredients sourced from remote locations around the world.
Malawi has just one doctor for every 50,000 people. Medic to Medic is working in Malawi to support students, training as doctors and nurses, with their increasing tuition fees.



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