The Great British Asparagus Feast – Part of the Better Bristol campaign


We interviewed Pam Lloyd, Director of The Great British Asparagus Feast, to find out about their crowdfunding experience.

Tell us about your business in five words…

Food PR and marketing specialists.

Why did you want to crowdfund?

We wanted to crowdfund a party to give a focal point to our asparagus season campaign which we run on behalf of the British asparagus growers.  We could have just thrown a great party, but using crowdfunding created a sense of jeopardy which in turn generated social traffic that we just wouldnt have achieved with an event alone.  

In our case, we werent just doing it to crowdfund, we were doing it to make a noise in the run up to the season start, and we have definitely done that.

How has crowdfunding helped your business?

Crowdfunding has helped us get people excited about the start of the season, and helped us push the message that its important to celebrate seasonal crops in Britain and eat them while theyre available.

Weve emphasised that if you dont use it, ultimately we might lose it!

How are you encouraging pledges?

We encouraged pledges in lots of ways to spread our message as widely across our network as we could. We spent a lot of time on social media, posting reminders of the event and letting people know how much we’d raised so far.

We also reached out to our foodie friends and made the effort to speak to people individually on the phone to include them in our plans.

Will your project create jobs?

Possibly. Possibly not. But it will go some way to safeguard jobs that already exist in the asparagus industry.

How will the project improve the lives of local people?

Bristol has an incredibly lively foodie scene, and creating projects like this is a great way to get people together to celebrate great food. Weve got some amazing chefs creating the feast including Josh Eggleton, Head Chef from The Pony & Trap in Chew Magna, Adelina Yard chefs Jamie and Olivia and Seldon from The Wallfish Bistro. People wouldnt get the chance to have all these chefs cook for them on any other occasion, so this really is a once in a lifetime opportunity!

What’s the best bit about crowdfunding? Has it spurred you to do other things?

Its a very exciting process, especially as we did ours on an all-or-nothing basis. This meant that if we didnt reach £7,000, our event wouldnt go ahead!

Its amazing because by crowdfunding youre pulling your community together, people want to keep updated throughout the process and, particularly in the last couple of days, those who have pledged are really encouraging others to get involved as they really want it to happen!

Visit the Great British Asparagus Feast project page to find out more.

The Great British Asparagus Feast is part of the Crowdfunder Better Bristol campaign, in partnership with Bristol Green Capital – come and check it out! 

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