The Fiver: The Front Line


Standing up for what matters

2016 – you’ve been weird. For me, if there’s one really great thing to come from the last twelve months, it the light that shines through in darker times.

Here’s five inspirational projects live on Crowdfunder right now, taking a stand and striving for a better tomorrow.


Fur for Animals

After winning the fight to ban fur farming in the UK, Fur for Animals are back to rally against the cruel global fur trade. 

£1,507 (20%) raised from 66 backers



Killing the Law

This groundbreaking feature-length documentary follows a group of women’s 5-year campaign against their children’s convictions.

£9,920 (61%) raised from 102 backers



Yoga for Refugees

Making a real difference to refugees and asylum-seekers in London, Ourmala helps them through trauma.

£11,070 (55%) raised from 207 backers



The Funding Frontier

Helping women access safe, legal abortions no matter where they live.

£5,309 (75%) raised from 142 backers




Conatus News

A progressive news organisation dedicated to human-rights and inspiring a whole generation of activists.

£1,001 (100%) raised from 28 backers




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