The Fiver: Welcome to the jungle



Welcome to the jungle

There’s a bit of an animal inside all of us – I’m channeling my inner octopus today. I think the same is true for many of our Crowdfunders, who are uniting their communities, wowing their customers and making amazing things happen, all at the same time. 

This week we have five fierce projects inspired by our furry, fishy and feathered friends. 


d23e4739-c01f-4b4a-9434-c25a893f4425The Reef Project

Show our fishy friends some love and meet the world’s first multi-functional artificial reef and marine habitat.

£10,939 (36%) raised from 58 supporters


93788a9e-aa28-4eba-a9e7-537ee3df06b9Stony Beer Bear

You can get your paws on your very own tankard, hung behind this micro-pub’s bar, ready to fill with craft beer.

£3,305 (102%) raised from 64 supporters


85321d95-e0dd-4cbb-ad9c-0df08c864b64River Bourne Community Farm

A new cosy feeding spot is coming to the heart of the farmyard.

£5,232 (26%) raised from 50 supporters


49c4b5b8-a9a4-4bbb-96e5-2b4eded232ecCheltenham Tigers

The crowd are rallying behind this ambitious campaign for a new community sports facility.

£53,014 (96%) raised from 380 supporters



Join the flock and squawk along to former Bonzo Dog Rodney Slater’s first solo LP. 

£1,071 (27%) raised from 43 supporters





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